July 18, 2024

Migo House Family is a click of rappers that been rapping for one year now and been putting out work consistently threw different avenues like Crank Atlanta magazine, DopeSouf magazine, Rock Out hip-hop magazine, Coast2Coast makin moves mixtapes, Underground Rukeyz Vol3 and more.

The mixtape cover
The mixtape cover

Plus they’ve gotten official sponsorship from 90’s top brand JNCO. They’re following up the success from their first mixtape “Migo House Or Die”, by releasing “Return With A Vengeance”, which is the sequel to the first mixtape. The mixtape contains the first single ‘Golden Child’ Limo bob plus a remix record Ritz Carlton titled Red Carpet by Tijuana Tay.

‘Return With A Vengeance’ has been dropped. Make sure you download it. “We got something for everyone on there,” says Migo House Family. “We appreciate all the support from our friends so this mixtape is dedicated to y’all we want y’all to listen to this mixtape in the streets, tell your friends to tell a friend, we want a million downloads, we got good music we’re giving  away for free as long as the fans keep wanting it we keep making it.  The Mixtape has Whole Won, Bettylane.T and Chicknswang Shrimp plus CEO Tijuana Tay.”


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