July 19, 2024

BhARTi Taylor is a singer-songwriter from New Zealand who sings most genres, from Pop, Reggae, Techno, Rock, Blues, R&B, Soul, Country, Ballads, to 50’s and 60’s Ballads. She writes and composes all of her own music and records professionally at Tsunami Studio’s within the beautiful settings of TMV Kimberley Grounds East of Levin in NZ.

Her musician is Mr David Trail and various other musicians. BhARTi Taylor is currently completing an album and will be publishing more songs as time goes on. She has been singing since young and her roots of learning how to sing was at a Church she attended in Paraparaumu NZ.

“Music is an incredible way of expressing real emotions real life stories and it takes you on a journey of experiences,” says BhARTi. “My passion is music and I absolutely love singing, it’s very freeing.”

BhARTi Taylor is currently on radio rotation with the songs, “Black Rose”, “Can’t Stop”, “I Can’t Stop” and “Maximize The Power”.



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