April 16, 2024

Micky C aka TheKunig uses drum loops, synths, sequencers, bass, and samples, as well as the help of talented singers, over and above his own voice. He has just dropped his latest acid-jazz infused track called “What?” You may not recognize the name TheKunig, but if you’re a fan of quality, soulful and smooth music production you’re probably gain quick familiarity with the man’s work.

TheKunig’s style could be compared to J. Dilla or Madlib’s, since they both were heavily influenced by jazz sampling and such. Unlike some artists who are all about turning samples into mega hooks and rapping about how goddamn magnificent they are at everything. TheKunig, on the other hand, seems perfectly happy remaining in the background letting his beats do the talking.

TheKunig-What-250Featuring laidback and lyrically sharp verses, as well as a smooth groove, “What?” is delicate and tasteful, while the use of tone and color is masterful. TheKunig excels at quiet and understated excellence. There is no need for him to prove anything with hyper intense ‘chops’ or technical ‘blowing’.

It is just clean, correct production of the highest order. It’s getting rarer these days to hear tracks with this much sophistication, as everyone else is out to make loud, bombastic and banging tunes ‘to rock the house’.  TheKunig takes a different route. More than looking for ‘bang’, he is trying to put the ‘groove’ back into urban music production. And he captures the vibe perfectly with “What?”.

The music is outstanding with shimmering intonations of guitars, keyboards and percussion, which is just magnificent. This piece of harmonic humility is unique in the current hip-hop landscape. The track gives you a cool vibe and something meaty in the production that requires you to perk up your ears, or hit the rewind button and say whoa!

What was that real note, a played riff or a selected sample?  TheKunig is part of a dying breed who defies the odds of getting better as he produces more music. He has few equals in the genre, as there are only a handful of producers daring enough to produce beats locked into this style.


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