May 21, 2024

MoNi Mon Producer, Engineer, Artist, wrote a song about a girl he loved. The relationship was complicated. They fussed and fought but their love always kept them tight. They loved each other so much, but never could meet in between. Until the end, they had to move on and part ways while they still have a line of love attached to their hearts. The song “GVCA” can be heard on Soundcloud.

Moni-Mon-GVCA-CoverMoNi MoN started and began producing and mixing in May 2005. He was first introduced to music when he was 5 years old, listening and mimicking Roger Troutman and the Zapp Band. His family was very involved in music, concerts and studio sessions and even as a young child his heart was on fire for music production, and to one day succeed into a career in the music industry.

As owner of “MoNi_MoN Productionz”, MoNi MoN has continued to perfect his craft in music and to stay positively motivated, by family and close friends.


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