May 24, 2024

This song is dedicated to all the girls that suffer from a neurological disorder and physical disorder, and to all the girls that struggle with everyday issues.

Sebastian Azul dedicates this song to all of you, he wants this song to pick you up when you’re all feeling down, and to just live your life the way you want and not care what other people may call you or think of you.  “This is your rebel song,” says Sebastian…“this is your anthem!”

Sebastian Azul, is 35 years old Producer/Songwriter, from UK (England). He writes songs and produces, finding session singers to perform them.

Sebastian decided to become an artist and raise awareness about his 9 year old son’s, neurological disorder, called Tourettes Syndrome & ADHD! And to all reach out to all the parents like him that care for someone with a condition.

Sebastian Azul is on radio rotation with the track “I’m the Girl”



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