June 21, 2024

Money Boy was born and raised in South Baton Rouge. He has been rapping for 10 years, finally taking it seriously and looking to make an impact on the industry. Money Boy is all over his new album, “All Sauce”. I mean, the record is bumpy, grindy, showy, and of course, it’s lively as you’d expect from this most enthusiastic rapper.

money-boy-350It’s witty and wily too, full of big-booming tales of balling, surviving and a few observations concerning cultural divides and continuities. Money Boy obviously appreciates his unbelievable talents, but he’s no snob about it.

Rather, he’s generous and shares his astonishing optimism and wild-ass imagination. There are few artists who can make you feel so delighted by telling such fierce stories. All through this project Money Boy doesn’t alter or even polish his approach so much as he intensifies it track after track. He knows where he’s from and breaks it down with seductive style and potency.

Mostly, “All Sauce” is bursting with what he does best: fast funky bounce and richly detailed tales about dealing and balling. His images are admittedly explicit and his language can be real vulgar if he wants. So how does he make so many folks, from so many places, so glad to hear him?

Well his got booty shaking videos to back him up, while crossover is also word for the Money Boy phenomenon, but there’s plenty of artists who have that going on. Another word for it might be street-edged accessibility: backed by imaginative banging mixes, Money Boy’s got shrewd, frank, vibrant lyrics to burn, and delivers them with near-irresistible confidence and verve. Jubilantly self-aggrandizing (like any rapper worth his salt), even his choruses resonate with big catchy rhymes.

money-boy-logoIndisputably talented and clever, Money Boy —and his features—have shown themselves adept at playing to their strengths. Part of the appeal, for me, is that the familiar themes and subjects within the tracks are rearranged into complex mosaics that reflect not only the artists’ experiences, but also the current cultures consuming them.

Checkout the party track “I Killed Her”, or listen to life’s struggles on “Going Through Some Things”. But Money Boy also takes you through his hustle on “Money Right” and “Finessin”. Banging, party music it may be, but the stories “All Sauce” tells are also relevant and pointed.

Money Boy delivers these stories with skill and nerve, so that his swagger is combined with a sense of community. Keep an eye for the album coming out in November 22nd through One Life Entertainment Music Group.

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