April 16, 2024

REP is an author, speaker, and music artist who has a desire to bring truth and reality to the masses. Growing up, writing, music, and media were always major passions of his. His life has been a journey of following God and learning that in weakness, God is strong. The mixtape “Co-Laborations” by REP is proof that there is no style of music that cannot be used for God’s glory.

But it goes way beyond that. The words and the messages throughout are the type where, after listening, you’ll want to be a better man, a more committed Christian. There are songs on here that will still give you goosebumps after listening to them, the words are so powerful. You’ll come to realize that this is rap’s beauty.

rep-350A story and message can be more easily told with rap than other forms of music. It seems to me more like poetry with a musical backdrop, with the emphasis on the messages.

REP’s words are so deep, raw, and real, yet at the same time he is not preaching or throwing the words ‘Jesus Christ’ into your face in every line or verse. He is rather more committed to sharing real life stories, experiences and thoughts, which in themselves will make you understand where our strengths and weaknesses originate from.

“Co-Laborations” will lead you to examine certain areas in your life. It is truly honest about some of the pitfalls and temptations we come across in our lives and it speaks of the wars that go on inside of us on a daily basis.

Listening to this mixtape, you’ll discover that it’s virtually indistinguishable, quality wise, from any other album from a handful of popular artists. The only difference is the content and positive uplifting messages that REP wants to convey.

As REP himself explains: “The whole purpose of this album is to foster a spirit of “co-laboration”. There is so much division in our society and in our world, and if we have the opportunity to band together to be a light and bring a change then we should.”

rep-250There’s a nod to the need for Christians to be community oriented instead of reclusive; a good message as it seems many people are becoming less and less about opening doors and more and more about nailing sinners to crosses if they don’t fit in.

Quite honestly, if you didn’t know that he wrote about God you would still be bumping this in your car. His lyrics are accessible, the beats are amazing and I am really happy to see positive music that sounds great.

There is a variety of songs that speak to the soul and the spirit, the standouts for me being, “Labor”, “BLM Cipher ft. La’Sean Knight, Arye, Late Watch”, “Move Forward”, “Heart of Giving”, “Street Walkers”, “I Wish You Joy ft. Jessica Baio”.

“Co-Laborations” is a must listen to, even if you never listen to rap music. This will change your perspective on why Christian living is just as applicable today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. Listen to the words more than the music and see what I mean.


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