July 21, 2024

Da Challenger is an indie artist out of Washington, D.C. heavily influenced by the 90’s. Delivering boom bap at its finest, he is looking to bring back music with substance. The song is entitled “Burn One, Drink Some” (Prod by Master David), a single off the mixtape Verbal Canvas Vol 2 (Prod by Master David).

Da Challenger is an amazingly authentic hip-hop artist, and this track in particular is jaw dropping.  Great rhymes, lyricism and production, which takes you back to the good old days of rap. The song, about courting in the new age, has a funky old school, soulful, funky, and jazzy feel to it.

And even though I’ve heard this boom bap sound many times over the years, I won’t stop re-listening to it anytime soon. If you like positive funky 90s vibes, give this a listening to, you’re sure to enjoy it.

da-challenger-250This is quite simply an inspired track. The rapping from Da Challenger is sharp, lyrical and creative while the production just grooves. When thinking about jazz, soul and hip-hop, a word that comes to mind is synergy.

In bringing together hip-hop, soul and jazz, there is a certain synergistic energy that takes these types of music to a completely different level. And let’s be honest, that’s exactly what Da Challenger is doing here.

If you take the time to listen to carefully you will feel the sophisticated energy of the alternative sound as well as the unapologetic force of boom bap. On top of that, you will hear a story and a reflection on life and relationships that take you to the city, fully engulfed in what’s happening now between people.

Guru combines the instrumentation and heart of boom bap with rapping and the more technological aspects of hip-hop. The end result is “Burn One, Drink Some”, a recording that will stand the test of time as its influences come from the classics. This is also because of its creativity and the ways in which it shows the beauty of distinct types of music that are also much the same.

At the same time, Da Challenger isn’t necessarily going to throw out rhymes that are overly complicated and complex. I don’t mean this as a slight. On the contrary, his lyricism is honest, to the point and lets you know what the score is. With the musical backdrop provided on “Burn One, Drink Some”, Da Challenger’s delivery is just right!


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