July 15, 2024

Young Millions Mantra who is on radio rotation with the track “I Gotta Go” produced by Gustavs Strazdins give us some insight into his craft and who is as a person and artist:

Hello hip hop music & listeners of Good Music From All genres, it’s ya boy Young Millions Mantra.  I just want to give a huge shout out to all my people in the struggle.  I do this for you all.  I know how it is to feel like you don’t have a voice representing you and the hardships you face every day. I do this for you, “I am the voice of the underdog.”

Young-Millions-Mantra-350bI call myself Million Mantra because millions is my mantra.  I am an entrepreneur whose whole goal is to be profitable with my music as well as many other endeavors I plan to peruse.

Growing up my biggest musical influence was my dad Ice Mone.  A local rapper from Milwaukee Wisconsin, he showed me my first taste of the behind the scenes hip hop operations.  I knew I wanted to rap at 6 years old I feel in love with Mystical’s “the man right here.”  The energy of that song captivated me.  From that moment on in my life I wanted to have that same power to impact people.  Artist like Ja Rule and Lil Wayne also played a huge part in my attraction to hip hop.

I consider myself a student of hip hop, so as an independent that does my own production I’m constantly trying to advance my skill level to master my craft.  Currently I’m taking all of my knowledge if accumulated into one classic mix tape “The Clash Of The Titans.”  The single “I Gotta Go” is really getting great feedback and really great strong reviews.  This project came about from an idea inspired from the historical story of the Greek battle of the titans. The energy I want to bring is somewhat methodical. I want this record to be remembered forever.

There are so many talented artists in the game but if I had to pick dream collaboration I would have to say Mike Will Made It.  He has that swagger in is music that resonates within the frequency of the soul.  I also would like to battle Drake on record. I probably would make him tap out going bar for bar.

Young-Millions-Mantra-250I currently have no shows or tours, but I plan to change that. The problem I have is what any independent  artist has EXPOSURE!  I’m constantly investing in promotion looking for the right service that can get me where i need to be. MY MUSIC IS SECOND TO NONE.  For any promoter who needs a great show contacts me, you will not regret a Young Millions Mantra Show.  My plans for 2017 would include pushing my mixtape to the highest level of promotion as well as building my LLC Millions Mantra Music Group in order to reach out to Independent artist like myself and give them a platform to shine.  Most artist are have no understanding of team, so what sets me aside is that I understand just how important every person plays a role in my success, directly and indirectly.

Now more than every the black community need positive role models.  These kids growing up in poverty stricken cities need hope.  Its so many things as a community we could be doing to show the next generation structure, integrity, respect and dependability and it start with us as rappers.  We control the universal frequency of the soul through our music.  Its time to give the people a breath of fresh air.  “I Am He.”

Check Out the Hit Single “I Gotta Go” Off My Highly Anticipated Mixtape Clash Of The Titans

Sound Cloud: www.soundcloud.com/young-millions-mantra/i-gotta-go

Personal Email For Booking And Investors ONLY: mantrayoung0@gmail.com

Linked In: Steven Wright

Facebook: Steven Wright

Twitter: @mantra_millions

Instagram:  Millions Mantra

Sound Cloud: Young Millions Mantra

Youtube: Young Millions Mantra


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