July 16, 2024

Call them electronic. Call them dance. Call them indie. Whatever you call them, ALBVS is a pop music duo with a rapidly growing fan base and a drive to be heard by as many people as possible. Joey Albus and Ralph Parissi had a common bond: the want to do infectious pop music that was full of raw emotion and a deep meaning that could connect with their audience. With a combined ten years playing in live bands, Joey and Ralph knew what they liked and what they felt their previous projects were missing.

After a year of working on a solo album, Joey Albus recruited Ralph Parissi to co-write and sing on a track he had been working on. During the process, both found a similar writing style in each other, yet each brought something to the table the other didn’t. An agreement to keep writing was struck and eventually, ALBVS was officially formed with a bevy of content to release.

“Follow,” the first single released from the debut EP, is a bouncy pop anthem that conveys the heartbreak of leaving a relationship behind with the jubilance of fighting for who you love. The follow up, “Take Our Time,” is at once reminiscent of polished boy band candy pop while invoking dance and synth beats and guitar riffs found only in smoky blues nightclubs.

“Do To Me,” the third single from the EP, arrived almost fully formed and was a quick song for the duo to write. Sounding like much of top 40 radio, the track is their ode to unrequited love that only two self-professed nerds could feel.  Already deep into writing their full-length follow up, ALBVS has confidence that the strength of their debut EP will let the world know what they’re capable of while hinting at what’s to come.

MORE ABOUT: ALBVS (pronounced “Albus”) is Joey Albus and Ralph Parissi, two musicians from the Pittsburgh, PA area that having been working with bands and solo projects for years. While writing for a solo record, Joey asked Ralph to co-write and appear on a song he was working on. They worked so well together, they decided to keep writing. They officially became a duo and changed “Albus” to ALBVS (the VS at the end for “versus” to denote the dual nature of the group) and worked on writing catchy electronic dance and pop music.

They released their debut EP at the end of 2016 and are already writing and recording a full-length album that they hope to drop in early summer of 2017. “Take Our Time” is our favorite from the EP. The song is about meeting the right person at the wrong time and attempting to not rush into anything and ruin what could be something beautiful.


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