July 14, 2024

Sick.Life is an independent music label based in El Paso, Texas who has released their debut album “Contagion”, March 4, 2017 on iTunes and Spotify as well as other digital download stores. This album was put together by its CEO and the Executive Producer of “Contagion”, Rob Bennett. “Contagion” features artists like Elia Esparza (The Voice), Chi Bully (2015 TeamBackPack champion), and JGRXXN (Raider Klan) among other talented artists from El Paso, Texas. The first single off the album “Xtra” has been played on KPOO Radio in San Francisco as well as Westword RADIO and KCAA RADIO in San Diego, California as well as Detroit Unplugged Radio in Detroit, Michigan.


The single “Xtra” featuring E$ BFNE, Sonny Wesson, NZO and produced by Drezyah, has already received the attention of Vintage Media Group with their exclusive online review of the music video. The first thing you need to know about these dudes are that they are having a real good time recording this one – their rhymes are sly and quick-tongued with perfect timing and smoldering punchlines as they go in hard and fast switching duties on the call.

“Xtra” is great partly because it follows no formats and panders to no audiences. They just touch all bases in a playa’s game which will resonate with any crowd. Not only are the flow and rhymes top-notch, but the beat is banging too. For a single, this one is great.

There is that intro that everyone knows, with that distorted piano and the sporadic drumming. The beat features a lot of synth slams, and pretty good drums filling the gaps. For those more interested in waking up the neighbors this one’s got you covered.


“Xtra” featuring E$ BFNE, Sonny Wesson, NZO is a slowly unfolding banger that balances sharp drum rolls with gritty keys while Sick.Life proves Texas is about more than candy painted rhymes.

These El Paso hard-hitters have a natural chemistry with one another and that there’s no slackin’ in their mackin’. While you can’t expect anything heavier in the lyrical department for the type of song this is. It’s a straight up piece of entertainment for people who love fat beats and big pimpin’. Is this a classic song? No, but it will bust your speakers. Mission accomplished!

Download the FREE “Sick.Life App” on the Google Play & Apple App Store. And grab the album on iTunes and Spotify.

The crew’s official links:

Sick.Life Social Media

E$ BFNE Social Media

Sonny Wesson Social Media


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