June 15, 2024

Kid Verse is an artist out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He writes, records and produces his own music, while he tracks his beats and producers down from across the web. “I’m not tryna ‘blow up’ or ‘make it’,” says Kid Verse, “but rather making music is my dream. Music saved me, so I would like to return the favor. I like to think that my music is not for everyone, but for anyone.” One of his tracks is the eclectic, “The Land Of Milk and Honey”, which was dropped last year. The alternative, fusion-jazz induced beat, was produced by Relevant Beats.

This track is an exquisite example of Kid Verse’s versatility, both as a writer and a rapper. His lyrics are more than most of today’s typical rap lyrics; he incorporates character development and imagery, building a story as well as a song.

He also shows his ability to match the mood of the lyrics with a beat. This just goes to show you that you don’t need multi-syllabic machine-guns rhyme schemes or overly complex puns and punchlines to be an ill rapper.

Kid Verse definitely shines on here as his rhymes and flow are technically on point, but without ever reaching that overwhelming ‘in your face’ tone, where you cannot even understand the lyrics for all the aggressive shouting going on.

I think “The Land Of Milk and Honey” is definitely a song beginner rappers should listen to so they can get the basics of how to put songs together that might mean something to someone, and that are clearly listenable. Kid Verse’s rhymes often bounce between insightful social observation and authentic old-school wordplay, making for great ear candy.

The eclectic and big beat production forges a strong case for modern alternative hip hop. Kid Verse obviously doesn’t have the major label budget to sample any track he wants or engage the top drawer producer of his choice, but he proves that you can make the most out of almost nothing and utilize a gloriously original production to great effect and impress listeners with creativity instead of hype and gimmicks.

As hip-hop’s artistic boundaries have stretched over the years, a small group of independent artists from coast to coast and from north to south have been consistently bringing the unknown creative void at the borders of the genre, and more accessible underground rap as close together as possible. Kid Verse has just joined that group of pioneers.


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