April 10, 2024

Trying to gain respect from the rest of hip-hop while simultaneously not giving a fuck what the rest of hip-hop thinks about you may seem like a contradiction, but it makes complete sense. Especially where Charles Ray Hill II, better known by his stage name Ray-Ray of Smoke One ENT is in his career. With his own Smoke One ENT label firmly established, if he wants to continue to grow and evolve, continue to challenge himself, winning over the respect of the mainstream, the biggest possible challenge out there for him…is himself. No one ever made history doing the same thing as everyone who came before them, and while I certainly can’t predict how far he will get in his quest for respect, I know that all of his victories will be Ray-Ray of Smoke One ENT’s victories, and that’s something far rarer than getting your songs played on the radio.

Ray-Ray of Smoke One ENT made music that mainstream music wouldn’t touch, but in the process has built an independent career and label that’s accompanied by fellow rappers: C.Childz, J-Stoopid Gutta, Mz. Propa, and his younger brother, Landoe The Great. Currently he has tracks that would run laps around most mainstream artists.

There’s no easy way to describe Ray-Ray, no clear storyline he’s adhered to. In short, throughout his career he’s acted like the same conflicted, ever-changing human being we all are, which is exactly why so many people will love him.

Raised in Memphis, Tennessee, home of Oscar award winning, Three 6 Mafia, by way of Flint, Michigan, Ray-Ray of Smoke One ENT began writing and producing after being inspired by his older brother and stepfather, Memphis Beale Street legend, Vic Charles who played bass for Bootsy Collins and BB King, just to name a few.

Ray Ray has opened up for many known southern rap artists, such as Pastor Troy, La Chat, Mi$cellaneous, and Lil Wyte. Ray Ray has done work with Koopsta Knicca of Da Mafia 6ix, Mastamind of the group Natas, on Esham’s label Real Life Product. Also he did work with Razakel of Serial Killer Records, DJ Paul’s nephew, Locodunit and Rebelyus of Seed of 6ix.

The single “Walk With The Dead” is Ray-Ray of Smoke One ENT’s latest endeavor, and like his previously released EP, it’s another dark and brooding horrorcore number. The track is a mix between the lyrical storytelling of times past, and edgy new production and mentalities, all while representing improvement on all fronts.

On the new single Ray-Ray does what he does best and gives us a front row seat to a mind that wants nothing more than to express its full range of emotions.


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