April 16, 2024

Miss Tun Pickney (real name Dingle Heywood) is one of five brothers on a mission to produce new reggae, no covers, no re-releases of classic ‘riddims’. From the first band ‘The Instigators’ to the current day, Miss Tun Pickney has been amassing knowledge and experience of the reggae scene to use in the current crop of music productions, writing and producing the songs. Two major influences were Bob Marley and Sly & Robbie.  Sly & Robbie especially, established an early lesson, find and produce your own sound and believe in it. The first production of the new venture, on the Dingazz Music platform was ‘Ah Lie!’. There have been several singles since and a dub EP. Miss Tun Pickney plans to continue writing and producing songs of his own blend, pushing the boundaries of reggae, but foundations drawn from the reggae greats.










Life surrounded by music, Rock Steady, Ska and Reggae led the brothers to create a band called the Instigators with some friends. Under the wing of local sound system owner ‘Fatman’, the band backed most of the major Jamaican Artists coming to the UK and also had some success with their own singles. After the band broke up two of the brothers went on to be successful musicians and producers winning awards and creating numerous hits in the UK reggae scene. Miss Tun Pickney left the music industry but the pull of the music business and unfulfilled ambitions made Miss Tun Pickney decide it was now time for a new venture to showcase all those musical ideas that were waiting to become reality.


Miss Tun Pickney launched a Digital Label in 2016: Dingazz Music (www.dingazzmusic.com)

The Miss Tun Pickney family comprising of: Dingazz, Val, Mafia, Fluxy and Snakey

First band ‘The Instigators’.

Worked with major Jamaican reggae artists touring the UK and Europe.

Jamaican heritage.


Innocent (Miss Tun Pickney) released 3 February 2017

Just a Point of View (Miss Tun Pickney) released 12 September 2016

Your Magic (Barrington and Miss Tun Pickney) released 23 April 2016

Ah Lie! (Miss Tun  Pickney) released March 2016


What does innocent mean to you?

I know what innocent means to me

Staying as I was born with good reason just innocence and me

Just as nature had intended every one of us to be

With equal rights and freedom to follow my destiny

While never being tarnished by the ills of my society

That’s what innocent means to me

What does innocent mean to you?

(from the song ‘Innocent’) © Copyright Dingazz music 2016 All Rights Reserved.






New Single soon to be released April 2017!

‘When I Need a Remedy’ the follow-up single to ‘Innocent’ written and produced by Miss Tun Pickney.

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