July 16, 2024

After bouncing between the tough streets of St. Louis, Mo. and prison. Damon Smith aka Mr. Hey Now took it upon himself to change his circumstances and conquer life in another form. Utilizing his skills as an entrepreneur and artist he established FreshoutEnt. and started to spread his message to the world.

Taking a dream and forming it into a reality, his message spans from his autobiographical eBook titled ‘Loud – A Strong Story’ to his catalog of songs that mesh relatability with his own brand of insight. He pulls knowledge and strength from even the worst situations he’s faced and turns them into teachable moments.

A mixture of modern hip hop beats and a street wise mentality his track “Seven Dayz” stands as an anthem to his independence. From chorus to verse you get a sense of a man who speaks honestly and with a conviction that makes you look for the moral beyond the hook.

In a world where you set your sights on being the best you are bound to face obstacles and “Seven Dayz” is Damon’s chronicle of some of the things he’s encountered and the attitude he had to adopt to survive. That boldness keeps him fighting to pursue his own personal view of his music through both production and distribution.

Damon is a man who is fighting back against his past and blazing a brighter future. Living his message is a large part of what he is showcasing through each facet of his company. Using his individual experiences to fuel himself he is setting an inspiring example for others to follow while imparting his wisdom to us one project at a time.

Damon Smith’s aka Mr. Hey Now may have some obstacles ahead of him but with his determination and resourcefulness he will not look back and will continue his journey of greatness from the streets to the top of the entertainment industry.

Damon (Day) Smith aka Mr. Hey Now (Freshoutent CEO) was born in Kansas City MO and raised in St. Louis MO. His childhood was filled with music and experiences that molded him into the person that he is today. From the streets, to prison, back to the streets, Mr. Hey Now is here to stay.

(Written By Corey Macomber)

Email For Booking: freshoutent31@gmail.com


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