July 18, 2024

Fyve Hunnit is a rapper from Syracuse, NY who began rapping when he was 13 years old. He is the founder of the new genre he calls Street Bop, and has released a 20 mixtape entitled “Street Bop Vol.1”. Fyve Hunnit barks loud when presenting his various resentments. He is anti-literary, plainspoken, and direct. He sounds incurably paranoid, like a man who spent some unfair share of his life resigned to a dark and heartless box. After a rough life and coming and going from a prison cell, he finally set his mind on grabbing headlines and attention for doing creative things and decided to put his mind to the musical grind. The result of those endeavors is this brilliantly eclectic recording.

Right from the opening track, “Rotten Orange”, Fyve Hunnit is sounding perfectly and furiously in control over his newly-formed army of crazy mind demons. Yes, that’s a good thing. In fact, it was so good I was nervous about continuing with the mixtape – what if it was all downhill from here? Nope. Twenty seconds in the next track, “M-O-N-E-Y” and Fyve Hunnit sounds like a more vocally flexible Young Jeezy, like the angriest version of Pimp C, he just  keeps blazing with his lyrical heat and he doesn’t slow down.

“Street Bop Vol.1” is an expansive mixtape, driven by reactionary outbursts of authenticity real Hip-Hop…and yes, Street Bop. These tracks are all robust, dynamic projects that allow for aggressive, high-energy flows reaching verbal climaxes where all hell breaks loose. You’ll become aware of this by the time Fyve Hunnit hits “RickRoss” in a state of breathless paranoia – “I’m riding through Miami like I think I’m Rick Ross. I used to be a worker but nowadays I be a boss.”

Five tracks deep and I was all in on “Bloodsport”, and over the course of the next few tracks, I kept hitting the rewind button, as everything was so gripping, “We On Fire” and “Supershow” is so far removed from regular rap, you’ll be rethinking the genre…and where it went wrong. Track 8, “2Pac”, is one of my favorites due to its intoxicating verses and Fyve Hunnit’s fiery flows. This stuff is highly hallucinatory.

This mixtape loads several compelling rounds of creativity and no egregious duds. Listening to Fyve Hunnit and “Street Bop Vol.1” will put you on an opposite trajectory from much of today’s mainstream hip-hop. If this is what Street Bop sounds like then it is a nice changeup indeed. And consider that we’re only half way through the mixtape at this point. There is still a whole lot of standouts coming up, like “Meaning Of Life”, “Dont Blow My High”, “SpiceGirls” and “Addicted to the Money”.

It’s nearly impossible these days to hear a rap album have success, without key players in the rap game being featured. Fyve Hunnit doesn’t need any distractions here as there is so much going on inside these tracks for listeners to concentrate on. There probably won’t be a track here that dominates the airwaves or makes him anything close to a household name. But that kind of stuff doesn’t matter to Fyve Hunnit. He’s getting his point across to a dedicated fan base that appreciates him more than any mainstream audience ever will.


Booking info – (336)554-6043
Email – YoungFyver@gmail.com

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