April 16, 2024

Born on the Eastside of Detroit, the youngest of six, The Infamous Crackhead was kept off the streets and into music which became his passion. He worked hard at his craft as a DJ, then a beat-maker, and improving his mic skills before creating The Law Breakers. A couple of months backed The Infamous Crackhead dropped the 14 track album, entitled “Mental”. Focused and furious this is an album that has moments of great energy, toughness, lyrical smartness and a great old school atmosphere. A lot of people have probably been sleeping on The Infamous Crackhead, including myself. And I only heard this album because I got it shoved down my throat. Thank God for that!

Overall, I have to say this album packs a considerable punch, the same effect you’d get from a couple of shots of a hard spirit. Right from the opening title track, “Mental”, The Infamous Crackhead proves he is more than just a bit different than other rap artists, as the album begins with a unique psychotic twist. The beat of this track is easy to get into and I even found myself tapping along every now and again. The string riffs are catchy and consistent. There’s no doubt that it’s quite unique.

By the second track, “U&Me”, The Infamous Crackhead had already surprised me profoundly. I can find modern rap music quite repetitive but that just doesn’t happen here. There is definitely something quite different about each one of these tracks.

I think this album has a good chance of joining its predecessors from the golden era of rap as a high quality recording – both lyrically and musically. From hardcore lyrics to boom bap beats and everything else in between, this album leaves no stones left unturned. And Crackhead holds down the album, with a lyrical showcase that goes well over the three B’s of blunts, bitches and bullets.

On “Money Matters” he adds the fourth, and probably the most important element to that 3B equation, with a fiery performance meant to rock the house, as the track rides on a funky driven beat.

But while all the preamble and palaver you read here makes you aware that The Infamous Crackhead is a rapper on a mission, it doesn’t quite tell the full story. Indeed, it doesn’t prepare you in any way, shape or form for the spirited, dazzling, decadent, and devil-may-care buzz of the music this dude produces.

This is hip-hop writ large – a galaxy of riveting, bodacious, bordering on the insanely infectious, tunes, all bedecked in sonic finery and lyrical extravagance. Crackhead also has more charisma and personality than many of his native city’s alternative hip hop attractions. Check out standouts like “Crack House”, “Armed & Ready”, “Outta Touch”, “Hood Samurai” and “Wolf Pack”, for confirmation.

The glory of “Mental” lies in the fact that it’s an album made by a talented artist who is already leaps and jumps ahead of where everyone is landing. What’s the point in working to the script if you know your way to a better one? With this in mind, The Infamous Crackhead shovels styles and sounds around with abandon, while always bearing in mind the old school principles, and it turns out to be a winning formula for him.


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