April 18, 2024

Xayvon Dillon who is currently known throughout California by his Stage name Lil Raucy is a 20 year old Rap & Dance Phenomenon out of Southern California (Lancaster) fresh off of a huge opening for Ju Ju on the Beat in June of 2017 & a tremendous invite to perform at the BET Experience in Los Angeles; who upon invite gained notoriety from none other than A-List Movie Star Meagan Good.

Lil Raucy began dancing at the age of 12 entering dance battles for fun which would segway into rapping at the age of 14. With a large number of compliments from friends and family, Raucy began to take music serious at the age of 16. After several attempts in convincing his current manager (His father Xavier Dillon) to back him, things have miraculously began to take off for the Rap, Pop & Dance phenom. Shortly after their merge in the music business, Lil Raucy quickly landed on a regional High School tour as well as a regional concert tour with Platinum selling Pop Group Mindless Behavior.

With over 3000 in attendance on each stop for the young & famous group Mindless Behavior, reluctant is an understatement for how much hard work and fan base this young artist has already cultivated. In 2016, Lil Raucy opened for Beyonce artist Chloe and Halle, and in his own words says, “My music paints a real picture that helps people experience positive emotions. My music promotes fun/ good energy, positive relationships & clean lyrics.”

Lil Raucy is an above average hip-hop/pop artist that thrives on fulfilling the needs of his fans by giving them the best from his own lane by connecting with his listeners through high-energy release, uplifting melodies and direct lyrics with soulful beats. With this new single and LP, Lil Raucy is headed for worldwide fame with promotion already taking off in 10 countries that include the U.S. UK and Japan, to name a few. With the press covering a consign of this magnitude, it appears that Lil Raucy is next up with a promising career and a future that’s looking Good.


Hailing from Southern California, form the city of Lancaster (USA), Lil Raucy is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop, pop and R&B music. His sound is all about connecting with the listeners through high-energy release, uplifting melodies, a fat low end, not unlike his influential performers the likes of Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Jake Miller, Michael Jackson, Mac Miller, & Bow Wow. Now his new single will soon be release titled “Some Type of Way.”

Lil’ Raucy gets right to the core with his direct lyrics and soulful beats, bridging the gaps between the appeal of pop and the groove of hip-hop / R&B. His stage performances, are full of energy and is as powerful as his studio work, as testified by incendiary exhibition as an opening act for well-known artists such as Mindless Behavior, Jacob Latimore, or Trevor Jackson In 2016, & Beyonce’s artist Chloe and Halle.

In June 2017, he opened for Ju Ju on the Beat and performed at the BET Experience. In his own words, my music paints a real picture that helps people experience positive emotions. My music promotes fun/ good energy, positive relationships & clean lyrics.
Find out more by letting the music tell you the rest of this story.






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