July 13, 2024

Christopher Mario Ramirez aka FXXKCHXXS is a nineteen year-old alternative rap artist from Mineola TX. He is currently promoting the singles “Forest” and “Don’t Think” which comes from an ever-growing catalog which can be heard on his Soundcloud profile. FXXKCHXXS’ tracks are off the beaten path, more than anything, they are works of personal entertainment, of a young dude entertaining himself by fucking around with the exuberant creative energy that you miss when you get older. So expect leftfield, explicit, “couldn’t give a fuck” material. Throughout the tunes his voice veers and pings and bounces off of the music, with a chemistry equal to a box full of superballs.

The beats are hard, dark and noisy, laying down the foundation for the hardcore rhymes and four-letter words…when you’re lucky…and five-letter ones when FXXKCHXXS’ aggressively cooking on “Forest” and “Don’t Think”.

The basslines come rumbling down the speakers as the Mineola rapper forges those lightning-in-a-bottle moments, those times when he manages to pile everything that makes him diverse into two perfect minutes.

Dizzy bitter deprecation, natural storytelling chops, vicious lines, moodily rendered rhythms, resonating alternative sounds perfectly mined, cryptic punchlines that fly above your head, and flows so intentionally disturbing that you immediately start to pinch your nose and see if you can replicate them.

There’s a sense of apocalyptic grandeur to FXXKCHXXS’ tracks, framed by his enigmatic soliloquies. He seems to take fire at whatever piques his interest, which happens to be just about everything, especially the ‘bitch’ in “Forest”, where he is at his most indignantly loquacious.

There’s an air of cynicism in some quarters these track, but the emcee never comes across as too smug or too preachy, because he is simply to direct for that. On one hand, this helps to unveil the ferocity behind his barbed-wire messages, while on the other it adds a sense of do-or-die gravity to his prose.

On the evidence of these tracks in particular, it seems that FXXKCHXXS is clearly carving out his own path and style. And it’s a long, long way from the sweet mainstream candy!


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