July 16, 2024

Multi award-winning Indonesian Dj, Fahria Yasmin, aka DJ Yasmin has blessed venues across Indonesia, in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Netherlands and even Switzerland. Inspired by the likes of Madeon, Port Robinson, Calvin Harris, and Armin Van Buuren, among others, the model-turned-deejay, started her grind at the age of 19 when she joined a major management agency. She has since been regularly booked for numerous events and TV shows.

Fahria Yasmin, aka DJ Yasmin

After producing tracks for Indonesia’s dance scene, as well music labels worldwide, DJ Yasmin is now aiming directly at the mainstream music market. And she does so in grand style with her brand new single, “Nothing wrong about it” ft. Audrey Tapiheru – a singer who is a member of the award winning Indonesian collective, GAC.

The romantically themed, Tropical House influenced track was officially released on October 20th 2017 and is set to enchant the airwaves and dancefloors.

Judging by this single and her artistic demeanor, DJ Yasmin’s rise through the ranks will most likely be meteoric, and it’s hard not to root for her the whole way. Her slinky and low-slung production has definite commercial viability, but there’s also an unusual sense of space in her music.

That’s not even mentioning her knack for melody, something that’s particularly evident on “Nothing wrong about it” ft. Audrey Tapiheru. DJ Yasmin has a way of making her tracks sound massive and intimate at the same time, using reverb in a way that evokes both the expanse of a stadium and the introspection of your living room.

The single cover

The sound palette is certainly familiar on this track, as DJ Yasmin brings out its pop tendencies. There’s a sensual playfulness that comes across just as well in her producing. Her brand of crossover Pop and EDM is a smart blend of deep smooth beats, and eminently melodic elements – a logical meeting point between juggernaut choruses and heartfelt verses. This is a confident showing as agreeable and accessible as it is distinctive.

The song rarely feels crowded, however, and DJ Yasmin careful grip on her watercolor sonic brush means the splotches of chromaticity and melody are spaced out by a gently ebbing, bubbling groove that gives way at all the right times for Audrey Tapiheru’s soulful vocals and earworm expressions to seduce our emotions.

“Nothing wrong about it” ft. Audrey Tapiheru, sounds like one of Indonesia’s most intriguing young DJs at the peak of her powers – a well-timed snapshot of a predestined star on the rise.


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