April 19, 2024

Determined and driven to do something great Pure Topic has been singing since the young age of 5. It was a journey learning so much during so many years but it was just the beginning, and now after 16 years of music, he says he is confident in his years of dedication and passionate singing that he wants to spread his message across all parts of the globe.

That message is that we all are one, and we are able to go further united, than torn apart. This has been Pure Topic’s long lasting idea of world of peace, but he says he knows as well as everyone else that this idea is far from reality… “So I will just say my message is love, peace and respect across the globe. I’m here to make a mark in my own way.

Pure Topic is currently spreading his message via his latest single, “Ride My Wave”. Check it out and follow him on his social media and links below.



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