July 23, 2024

Ladies and gentlemen, Prince Black is back and his in prime form on “Never Even Know (What’s The Word)”. A couple of months back Prince threw us a boom bap based number, which packaged a smooth jazzy beat with some personal lyrics. This time around he comes at us from the other end of the stick. Prince Black is back documenting his turmoil in a way that only he can. Like an open book, his candidness is matched only by his skill. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but seeing the single artwork, it is almost enough to tell you what you’re in for. A skeleton with an exploding cranium on a black background cannot be a sign of a happy journey. If that’s not enough, the eerie opening sets the tone with its dark and dramatic production.

The intro seamlessly flows into the opening verse and Prince Black gets right to the serious issues, taking less than a minute to express thoughts with an aggressive and energetic flow that sits just below a scream. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear that he had a significant amount of his fans tearing up while listening to this one.

Even by and Prince Black standards this is a heavy song. Its three-and-a-half minutes of fierce feelings, and being all barbaric on the mic, amplifies it even more. You can feel the dramatic tone as soon as the track begins. With a great hook and the same emotion with a damn assertive delivery, this song must be one of the highlights in Prince Black’s catalog.

As you probably guessed, Prince Black is getting deep into his feelings here. Who can blame him? He’s addressing issues that bug him…in life, in the game, and in his colleagues and peers. It’s easy to feel the tension in this song just from the way Prince tells the story.

Especially if you’ve gone through these same thought processes. The man definitely knows how to generate empathy…or disdain, depending on which side of the enemy line you’re sitting on.

As soon as you press play, expect a frantic tone with boiling sentiment, word play that deserves much more recognition and one-liners that can leave an individual ruminating for a hot minute. Prince Black is food for sanity in a game that has become money-grabbing, shallow and flooded with inordinate amounts of clichés and platitudes.

It takes a specific type of integrity to be able to connect with Prince Black’s candid and often philosophical lyricism. It’s not that his music is perplexing in anyway – but he certainly demands a higher level of maturity and attention than your conventional vapid pop rappers.


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