April 23, 2024

José Lucas started his musical career as a classical guitarist with a master’s degree at The Royal College of Music, Stockholm before changing direction to be an artist, songwriter and producer. With cuts in Belgium, UK, and USA for various artists, including Pitbull, he finally found his call: guitar-based, deep tropical house. José’s debut single, “If It Weren’t For Love” (WMG), released in February 2017, has charted in Europe, Asia and South/North America, hitting #1 in Austria. He also released an official remix of James Blunt’s single “Love Me Better” (Atlantic UK) and his second single, “Count On Me”(Sony Music Entertainment Poland).

Intent on keeping his momentum moving forward at a steady pace, José Lucas has just released his third single, entitled “Close To You”. The career of a producer can be kind of crazy. One minute dubstep is all the rage, the next it might be vapor wave.

Tropical house has been a huge sound for producers. We have heard tropical house production on some immensely popular and number one singles over the last couple of years. As well as on a slew of tropical house remixes. José Lucas newest single is an interesting testament to what it means to be creating in one of these “popular at the moment” styles.

That being said José Lucas has cranked out a crate of really good songs in his guitar-based, deep tropical house. So to him it is not one of the “popular at the moment” styles, it his very own personal style. His brand of beachy, sun drenched, dance vibes of tropical house are insanely infectious.

José’s guitar sounds really brings out another dimension to the song and I can see the EDM crowd really enjoying this a lot. I like when a producer can create an arrangement that is extremely powerful in terms of vibe and feel and not just in rhythm and danceability. And this is what José Lucas has achieved here.

Furthermore he has embellished his production with a super cool and super smooth, female vocalist who infuses the song with just enough soul for added depth. I will say I think José Lucas is one of the better producers of the sound right now. As far as tropical and deep house and its derivate styles goes, I don’t think I’ve heard many underground producers tackle the sound with the same slant he has.

I’m really interested to see if his style can continue to expand past a few of its main characteristics. José Lucas really needs to make the breakthrough as he has amazing ability that deserves commercial recognition.  “Close To You” is just another fine example.


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