May 29, 2024

Singer Adeola Dagbo aka Lola Stark is a Nigerian on her father’s side and Haitian and Dominican on her mother’s side.  Lola was born in Staten Island NY. She’s a New Yorker that has always grown up as a minority in the poor hub buildings of Park Hill in Staten Island.

It may not be as poplar as Brooklyn, Queens or Harlem but if most people were informed of hip hop history,  Lola grew up and survived in the same place  as the Wu tang  clan and red man, and many older artists before they created hip hop history.

“Anyone who knows the real deal, knows it was hard there,” says Lola Stark, continuing: “We have our own news channel now – Staten Island Live – because they kill so many people in the hood they need to keep track. When I was little everybody was so friendly and giving, like bothers. We might have been living poor or lower class, but these people had more love because if they didn’t, they would have nothing left.”  

“I was a person who experienced many different things in life, probably too many for such an early age, I have been told by many people,” continued Lola. “I experienced tragedy, happiness & love, a variety of things growing up with a disability, but I never stopped striving to do what I love or complete my dreams.”

Today Lola Stark continues to sing and release music via Bentley Records. You can find her music on SPOTIFY and AMAZON


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