May 14, 2024

Kingmeezy is a 19 year old rapper/singer from Philadelphia, PA. Fresh out of the oven comes his latest smooth and soulful track, “I Guess It’s Over” (Prod. Whiz). Here he zeroes in on a singular brand of lusty, late-night R&B that could earn him choice placements. Kingmeezy is a sharp melodicist while also being focused and refining lyricist. The hook is indelible, and the verses hang onto the song’s emotional core. In its trip through the fallout of a relationship gone sour, the rapper and singer brings a melancholic depth and darkness to his bars.

The track’s wayward morality is its truth: Sometimes following your heart lands you at cross-purposes with common sense. The performance is gripping and as the story unravels it expands.

Kingmeezy offsets a polished singing voice with a been-there-bro specificity in his lyrics that grips when it does because you relate to it. He has the potential of a gifted hit-maker who is closing in on a signature tune that will nudge him out from the underground.

His music exudes the confidence and professionalism of a growing talent. And it’s a fine example of how when given freedom in the studio, without the chains of a record label artists can certainly deliver unique arrangements and surprising sonic twists that elevate their style.

The downside to this artistic freedom, however, is that it can quickly spiral into self-indulgence, but the artist ever allows it to. With each next track Kingmeezy asserts his status as an interesting songwriter and an artist who continues to evolve.

He successfully channels an array of emotions into his music, which proves fruitful for his songwriting. The musician’s ability to find intricacies in the modern R&B/Hip-hop template is part of his strength, and melodic shifts that initially go unnoticed reveal themselves to be vital upon repeat listens. These details are spread throughout his catalog.

The alternative R & B scene is one of the most interesting genres of the modern music landscape. Often the calling card of hip hop; strong overtones of self-referential bravado and play-by-play descriptions of feuds and affairs have become a prominent theme adopted into the alternative R&B sound.

This boasting however, finds a more emotive home in the often-melancholy and brooding melodies that has made R&B a staple genre in the past few years, interwoven with unfiltered confessions of love and lust.

Kingmeezy is one of those alternative R&B projects and “I Guess It’s Over” (Prod. Whiz) is an example of the mixing pot that is modern music. It is worth a listen because it allows the singer to indulge in musical eccentricities unique to him. Quite frankly, Kingmeezy is ready to step out from the shadows, and it looks to be a progression worth keeping tabs on.


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