June 13, 2024

TyeDye is one of the upcoming young talented artists out right now. He can seamlessly jump from huge radio sounding type singles to dark, gritty trap anthems without missing a beat. His latest single, “Bae Vibes” is sexy and for all the girls to listen to. The bass drum kicks, the bottomless bass slowly urging bodies to bump, grind, come right down and bounce off bed – “If you touch my dick, then I’ll feel your pussy. It ain’t about the sex, but I’m really feelin lucky, with you tonight, your eyes in my sight.” The groove, the beat and the hunger you hear in this track is everything we love about the TyeDye sound. Layered with chill pads and pretty laid back drums. Mixed with very smooth vocals, what’s not to like about this track?

“Bae Vibes” demonstrates a great relationship between artist and producer. Until you discover they’re one and the same person. Which explains everything. Often, producers tend to think about “what else can I add to this beat to finish it?” when in reality, a lot of the time, what’s really missing is just an artist or voice to fill out the beat.

TyeDye knows and understands that, doing everything himself. While this track is pretty clearly geared towards women, we find ourselves listening to it a lot while driving in the background, and it’s definitely a track that gets stuck in your head after hearing it a few times.

The beat by itself is obviously a very smooth, laid back track, which makes us initially expect a track that’s more focused on love and women, which is exactly what it is. Another anomaly for the genre, considering all the misogynous material usually hogging the airwaves.

TyeDye flips the age-old theory right around, into a record that is more focused on being sentimental: “I know these niggas are tempted to fuck you, I had came in cause I just wanna love you. Put nothing above you. Be my one and only.” The track flows into a silky R&B type motif that definitely will stick with you, the honeydew melody and bassline match perfectly with the smoothness of TyeDye’s flow.

TyeDye, has definitely delivered a slow burning potential blockbuster, one you wonder if he pictured as both a cinematic concept and a musical one. This project has a distinctly intimate feel that aids its replay-ability factor, and this is largely due to both the vocals and the beat providing personal and relatable vibes through its production. TyeDye has a story to tell. It’s raw, and unfiltered. For those into inspiring stories of the heart, you may want to “Bae Vibes” a spin.


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