July 16, 2024

To say that the Australian based rap group, FUTHAMUCKA$ are on another level, doesn’t really even scratch the surface. These guys bring hip-hop of another kind, which will rile listeners up with emotions potent enough to place any seemingly normal person on the brink of combustion. Bone crushing guitar riffs, menacing hardcore raps, live instruments and four street soldiers – Shai Millie Rome (rapper, guitarist), LegendTerry (rapper, bassist), G420 (lyricist, singer, multi-instrumentalist) and Tonga (drums, songwriter, singer) who have declared war on the pussyfooting mainstream flavors of the genre.

Shai Millie Rome

Their debut single “Social Disease” is a definite must have. Yo believe me when I tell you this track is a sure-fire modern classic. The hard hitting aggressiveness that comes straight from the speakers is amazing. The intensity, delivery, instrumentals, lyrics, it’s all there!

Remember the aggression, and real life spit that the early nineties music had? This single is something that will take you back to those days with a smirk, as FUTHAMUCKA$ kill this one. The group unleashes a colossal debut many will consider one of modern hip-hop’s absolute game-changers.

The future is now dear friends, and it’s Down Under. Born out of the South Sidney underground, the four dudes comprising FUTHAMUCKA$ have tricks up their sleeves most can only fantasize about. And FUTHAMUCKA$ fantasize a whole lot deeper than many of their supposed peers.


FUTHAMUCKA$ take the hip-hop game to the type of fantastical creative zenith that Iron Maiden once brought to heavy metal. Their overflowing lyrical arsenal is chock full of twisted perspectives, and their imagery and packaging is totally distinct.

I don’t actually think it’s possible to make a flawless track, because no matter how good you do there always has to be something you could have done better…but this is as close to flawless as it gets for hardcore hip-hop in the 21st Century.

There are not many great rap and hip-hop groups in the 21st century era. Just a handful really. But I grew up in the era when these genres were new and populated by a great many talented, inventive personalities. Rap was also a genre of music that encompassed many styles and was always surprising its fans with how creative it could be.


Not many of today’s rappers can say this. Most are cookie cutter copies of all the rest. So that is why I would recommend checking out FUTHAMUCKA$ for a real example of what rap and hip-hop can be when it breaks free from its mainstream chains. “Social Disease” practically detonates inside your speakers.

“Social Disease” is musical thunder and the beat wields enough reckless energy that could wake anyone up within seconds. When you think of raw, grimy and uninhibited hip-hop, put the FUTHAMUCKA$ high up on your list.

Effectively experimenting with new musical ideas that complement the twisted machine gun raps of the Aussie natives. An original track that provides for an effective deviation for listeners who are tired of hearing the same-old hip-hop and wish to hear something new, different, and utterly fresh and original. Look no further.


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