June 13, 2024

When it comes to self-titled albums, rappers usually save it for their first major release — using it as an eponymous introduction to their sound and the overall starting point to build their brand. But AlbiYoung is unlike his rap game counterparts for a multitude of reasons, one of those being that he decided to not even show his face, or any other personal information, alongside his brand new single “Bitch Lie”. His sound, style and narrative is all  ready to be absorbed by the masses, which begs the question: why do this now, in a world of artists craving to be known, seen and heard in an ocean overflowing with anonymous talent? The answer seems to be that AlbiYoung tenaciously wants to keep his persona separated from his music.

As talented as AlbiYoung sounds with quick wit lyrics and outer space vocal execution, a lot of his allure can be attributed to the production he chooses to rhyme on. The best part about AlbiYoung is how good his voice sounds on top of that mesmeric and minimal future-styled beat.

“Bitch Lie” is an assertion of everything that hardcore fans of trap-influenced R&B and Pop have come to love: AlbiYoung flexes on any doubters consistently throughout; his flow is impeccable as well as being intelligible; something some of his peers cannot claim.

As for the rapper himself, I found myself surprisingly captivated.  His versatility is on point as he picks his melodic sing-song spots expertly. No matter what, AlbiYoung always appears in his element.

It’s genuinely impressive listening to him slay bar after bar in a slow steady pattern, without ever forcing himself into any unnecessary rush. My attention hardly—if ever—wanes throughout the entire ordeal, a compliment usually reserved for rap’s elite members.

You will find yourself completely enamored by his head-bopping hooks, his deceptively simple choruses, and a smooth flow. Thanks to his mastery of effects-tweaked melody and the willingness to experiment, AlbiYoung has landed in a zone where he’ll sing, warble and rap, offering music that falls in line with the popular takes that have been twisted into R&B and Rap this year.

AlbiYoung’s talent also lies in his ability to turn the unconventional palatable, with absolute simplicity. Certainly his song making ability is undeniable, especially if you consider that AlbiYoung states that “Bitch Lie” was recorded on his phone using an iPhone mic.


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