July 23, 2024

Thomas C. Dente aka cosmicprank has an album that’s been out for a while, called “good old bad news”. It somehow slipped under the radar but has sort of become my “this-week’s-favorite” album. Tracks like fade away, upgrade or morph, and are so unique and what really makes cosmicprank shine as an artist, considering he writes all the lyrics and makes the beats. The album is so deceptively clever, that I haven’t decided if it’s stylistically futuristic, or classic sounding, at its core. It’s probably both, I just can’t work out which dominates more. Does it really matter? I don’t think so. Is it any good? A whole lot, I think. The artist channels his status into conversational raps, creative flows, and varied influences. Over dynamic beats, he embraces the genre in an unrivaled style in this saturated hip-hop game.

cosmicprank’s perspective separates him from other rappers. “good old bad news” will enlighten you with his virtues, vices, anecdotes and experiences. cosmicprank is a rapper from San Luis Obispo, California, living out his life and letting us in on some of it. The album is like a blueprint for fulfilling your own daily passions also.

Although “good old bad news” doesn’t have a traditional type of hip-hop hit song, this album is extremely pleasing. “good old bad news” rarely wavers from its focused bars and eclectic soundscapes here. It’s clear that the artist doesn’t sacrifice integrity for radio audiences, but ultimately his quaint rap skills, choice beats, and unique path will be thoroughly appreciated.

Only two songs, “Plummet” and “Nihon” out of nine, reach the 2-minute mark. So nothing here overstays its welcome, and even what must sound as the strangest song to you, is over in a minute. Which means no skipping of songs are needed, even if that urge seizes you.

cosmicprank uses vivid imagery and straightforward raw deliveries, while he reflects and enchants with his storytelling skills. Songs like “Touchdown” and “Purple” have such intensely atmospheric soundscapes and interesting effects that they could easily be described as cinematic pieces. Which is not bad for songs that barely make it over the one-minute mark.

In fact moving ahead through the album, I convince myself that this is one of its fundamental and major strengths, along with the focused lyricism and beat production. Each and every song always leaves you wanting more.

The tracks that really stood out for me, were the crude true to life tales expressed on “Santa Cruz”, “Dissonance”, while the beat on “Man” is insanely infectious. To be honest though, all the beats on “good old bad news”, are uniquely creative.

They are futuristic in execution and construction, but have a classic 90’s aura, shining through the electronics. It’s hard to explain, and it may just be me perceiving this specific audio imagery. Either way, I’m loving it.

All in all, cosmicprank executes every track to perfection. The album is sure to be on repeat for an indefinite amount of time, and I highly suggest you give it a listen; “good old bad news” is an utterly gorgeous sound that you’ll hardly find anywhere else.


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