July 18, 2024

New age reggae artist, SoulJah Bless, is a conscious creative that hails from the beautiful island of St.Croix, Virgin Islands. A big believer in love and unification, he converted to Rastafari to help cope with the false truths and everyday corruption that surrounded him and his peers. Prior to becoming a music artist, Souljah Bless realized that the truth behind main stream media, historic and present, were so obscure and malicious that it prompted him to speak out musically and let his voice be heard.

Passionate about the power of music and its possibilities to spread the truth, Souljah Bless linked up with “T” and Co-founded Conscious Mind Records where he was able to spread his creative wings and promote awareness and unity. The dancehall inflamed “Heart of FYAH” is a single lifted off his upcoming album “The Emerald Tablet”.

Just as hip-hop has transformed American pop music, dancehall has changed Jamaican reggae. Reggae reached out to the world in the 1970’s and 1980’s, while dancehall, with its unique melodic vocabulary and thick accent, seemed determined to exclude outsiders. But it soon became the musical language of Jamaican youth on the island and around the world.

One could talk about the ins and outs of this genre for decades and still not finish explaining it. The music is so catchy that you get lost in the overall sound of the tune and find yourself singing lyrics you didn’t know you could even speak. That makes it sound pretty similar to rap music except dancehall sounds so much better and the artists are usually exceptional lyricists.

This is the case with both the “Heart of FYAH” single, and the artist Souljah Bless, who is agile, flexible and full of confidence on this track which makes his performance unique and awesome. His voice is silky smooth, original and he exhibits humility and love for everyday ordinary people.

He sounds like a role model to the younger generation and a voice for the voiceless. The artist has clearly gained more popularity and recognition for his lyrical prowess and dedication to consciousness in music, as he continues to focus his energies into creating new music and developing his craft.

“Heart of FYAH” is a tune that will work fine in both the Dancehalls and your earphones; it’s crisp riddim and precisely timed lyrics – which also holds much in terms of consciousness – bear proof of the fact that Souljah Bless feels totally at home with the swagger and style displayed on this track.

Souljah Bless is a man with a purpose and he encourages us to make the best of ourselves, and you have to take him serious, because the Orlando, Florida-based artist gets it across in a fairly humble way and on a well done beat that perfectly supports such a set of essential messages.

Overall, Souljah Bless seems to reach out to a world-wise, conscious urban audience with his new release. And, given his artistic vision and the diversity he has put out so far, we can’t wait to see what will come next on his EP “The Emerald Tablet”.


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