June 24, 2024

Fabian Beerli is an artist from Zürich, Switzerland who recently dropped his single “London To LA” (prod. by Artem). He strives for pop appeal that will launch him into the limelight, whilst incorporating elements of hip-hop, R&B, and various musical trends, particularly through the inclusion of EDM-infused instrumentals, as a means of maintaining a degree of trendy relevancy to his sound. This song illustrates how underrated Beerli is in mixing catchy off-kilter melodies with his dancefloor raps. The hook is catchy and showcases some of his best rap talent in this song.

Fabian Beerli comes right out of the gates with his theme saying in his first lines, “Hey come fly, don’t you lie. Say it out loud straight up, don’t tell something made up.” Clearly he is looking for the truth in a relationship with his girl. The instrumental has a heavy bass as his verses connects with the meaning of the song and the other verses on it.

Beerli displays the ability to create a wide array of music, from potential radio hits to party songs that can connect to the listener on a personal level. He keeps his lyrical theme locked to a topic that just about any living body can relate to.

At the same time he also keeps his language simple, so that his messages are easily captured by the listener. “London To LA” (prod. by Artem) is well-rounded, not weighed down by overthinking and theory deductions, but an artist revealing internal conflict and external circumstances.

Even though the track discusses relationship issues, sonically, the track feels like flying on a kite on a clear blue day. Its music has a sustained forward momentum and a bright keyboard motif.

If you feel as though the quality of hip-hop has gone downhill, with a lot of artists going for shock value with vulgar lyrics, then Fabian Beerli brings a new take on the genre. He blends awesome production combined with good straightforward lyricism.

No vulgarity, no curse words…at least not on this track. Secondly it’s not about drugs and guns. Beerli is a young man who comes from a European environment and he seems to reflect those values in his music. Unlike many of his peers who dish out imaginary issues they have never even experienced.

I hope people take notice of Fabian Beerli because music needs young men like him who don’t just sing the tried and tested topics for shock value, but stick to issues they really deal with on a daily basis. His blend of melody, electronic, and urban flavors in this track should keep you coming back for more.


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