July 19, 2024

The way SUMiT wears his heart on his sleeve is rare, and his words combined with the beats are ready to help define the new underground, independent hip-hop movement of modern-day era. On the album, “The Knew”, the listener is given a peek into SUMiT’s state of mind. There are moments of hope and maturation, but there is a presence of fear and doubt, as well. When one has dealt with pain and anger during youth, the happiness in growing adulthood is a welcomed change, but it’s frightening to think that it could all collapse at any moment. And that generates an entire new set of emotions, all of which SUMiT forges into various themes and motifs on this set. This is a very dark, somber, brooding and visceral album. However, the artist does not use these as marketing gimmicks, instead, there is a point to it. This lends a sense of urgency, purpose and energy to the tracks that is seen throughout.

To say that this album is nearly flawless would be an understatement. SUMiT is so full of fire on “The Knew” that you can’t help but end up psyched at the infectious beats and emotional flow of his rhymes. The storytelling is particularly ambitious and perfectly executed each time.

Any fan of intelligent hip-hop should be preparing to listen to this album right now. The rhymes, beats, sounds and overall passion are excelling in every way. What makes these songs so incredible, is how easy it is to relate to the stories SUMiT weaves. Even when you’re not able to follow the lyric sheet completely, the rapper’s vocal tone and timbre will lead you where you need to go.

After the spoken word opening “00:00”, things kick off seriously with “Madness”. It’s smoothly elegant acoustic guitar production and tortured subject matter, play perfectly as a foil to SUMiT’s ardent vocal delivery, and quickly sets the tone, and bar, for the rest of the recording.

The high points are the ones where SUMiT is really f*cked up over something, and fortunately for listeners, he’s that way for most of the album. So sit back and soak up the driven rhymes of “Take Me As I Really // Glass-Half-Empty Memento” and “AllUP”. This will bring you to one of the best songs on the album – “Borrowed Time”.

This latter track is the best piece of Baroque Rap I’ve ever heard. If you could reproduce the blended DNA taken from Tom Waits and Eminem. This is the exact music that hybrid new life would create. Something deliciously sublime. An admirable feat and downright difficult to accomplish.

But this album serves as more than just lyrics and beats; it’s a pillar for a new breed of lyricist that needs to talk about their inner feelings, something mostly suppressed in the world of high-rolling swagger rap. Which is exactly what happens on “Be Yourself”, “Kryptonite” and “Nightlife” another absolute standout track.

I won’t be as presumptuous to say that “White Flag” is one of the best all-round rap tracks I’ve heard in the last 10 years, but I will say it’s pure genius in its construction and execution. Absolute proof that you can produce an atmospheric and cinematic rap track without all the production bells and whistles.

A simple electric six string and a stunningly nuanced vocal delivery are the essential ingredients prescribed here. This song blows my mind every time I hear it. And I’m going to be brutally honest now. I switched off the album right here, without even listening to the final tracks, “Lobotomē” or “Passenger”.

I didn’t need to hear anymore. I would purchase this album on the strength of “White Flag” alone. And if you think you appreciate the art of rap in any way, you would do exactly the same. SUMiT literally deserves a music category of his own.


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