July 18, 2024

Miss Tun Pickney is on a mission to produce new reggae, no covers and no re-releases of classic ‘riddims’. From the first band ‘The Instigators’ to the current day, Miss Tun Pickney has been amassing knowledge and experience of the reggae scene to use in the current crop of music productions, writing and producing the songs.

Two major influences were Bob Marley and Sly & Robbie. Sly & Robbie especially, established an early lesson, find and produce your own sound.

Having left the music industry when the band broke up the musical ideas and songs just wouldn’t let go and he knew he had unfinished business. On his Dingazz Music label the musical resurrection has begun with several singles and a Dub EP.

Miss Tun Pickney plans to continue on his journey until all those song ideas become reality. Writing, producing and collaborating with new and established vocalists, pushing the boundaries, but foundations drawn from the reggae greats.

Miss Tun Pickney is on radio rotation with the tracks: “Warrior” and “Paint A Better Tomorrow”.


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