April 20, 2024

Are we looking at a star in the making? When you peel back the beauty and creativity, of Winter Rae you see an artist with relentless ambition. The Alabama native wears many hats – she is a singer, a part-time model, a songwriter, and aspiring actress. Today in the urban music scene, if you don’t have a presence, you risk not having your place in its genres. Winter Rae stakes her claim in “Get Up”, her new single with a lot of passion and swagger. She kicks things off with a very confident and upfront start laying her qualms out on the table, and making a confident and powerful stand on her position in her career and life.

The track is as melodramatic as it is badass, with Winter showing off both her aggressive nature and her more intimate side. This is a three and a half minute track with multiple dimensions that helps the artist show her off abilities.

Bold.  Unapologetic.  Unafraid.  Those are just a few adjectives that characterize contemporary blues, hip-hop and neo soul singer Winter Rae.  She definitely creates on the edge. And this track exemplifies that edginess.  Even so, what stands out the most about this project is her powerful, nuanced voice.

Throughout, it is the voice that shines brightest.  “Get Up” balances the contemporary and soul soundly.  The melodic lines are smooth, incredibly rhythmic, and at times, emotional. It’s a catchy, sultry track that forges in-depth expression of Winter Rae’s state of mind and soul.

In an industry where many female urban voices can only find their initial ground providing siren backing vocals for male rapper’s tracks, women like Winter Rae have decided to do things their own way. She’s keeping her heart and soul her own, and is projecting it into the airways on her own terms, in her own music.

She takes hold of herself and her emotions and presents them in a way we don’t often get to hear anymore. The emotion is rooted in the core of the track but her perspective isn’t clouded by emotion. She’s singing from the sincerest part of herself.

Winter Rae exhibits grit, soul, and attitude alongside a few colorful words, and shows how versatile she is artistically, bouncing between being unapologetic, showing class, and always flaunting her magnificent voice.

Mixing what she describes as “a fluid mixture of blues, neo-soul, and hip-hop with hints of a trap/southern rap essence,” its artists like Winter Rae that move the genre forward by experimenting with new sounds and singing straight from the gut.

Winter Rae is an advocate for herself as an artist, because she believes in her craft, and she has done so since she was 7 years old. Today she is no less eclectic and talented than her contemporaries. If anything, she’s more. And she is making interesting and entertaining music. You can tell that she is extremely involved in every aspect of her career. “Get Up” is set to officially arrive in digital download stores on the 1st of June.


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