June 13, 2024

Royal Ruckus raised a ruckus last year with their triumphal return, The Summer of the Cicadas double album, and now frontman Chunjay is coming back at ya with a collaborative project with production by CookBook from LA Symphony, entitled World’s Okayest Rapper. Seven songs deep, the new EP talks about love, break-ups, positivity, and life on tour as a rapper.

The album opens up with the title track, a self-deprecating look being a tongue-in-cheek white rapper in a highly competitive genre of music. He discusses his foibles in dating in “Ghosts of Women Past” and “I Love You (and You and You and You and You)”, and offers his first male-female duet rap in “Take the Leap.” Never taking himself too seriously, he pokes fun at being middle class and white in “This White Life.” One standout track is “Postcards from the Road,” a reflective song written to loved ones while traveling the United States on tour.

One of the most fun songs on the album is “Multi-Purpose Room 2,” which features guest vocals from Eligh of Living Legends, Pigeon John, MC RedCloud, Malcolm Smalls, and Shizaru. Hard hitting, fun, battle-style rhymes over a beat that feels truly “royal” and raises a “ruckus.”

“This White Life” is the first single from the new record. Royal Ruckus originally hails from Bakersfield, California, and has been making fun, conscious hip-hop for two decades. They returned last year with The Summer of the Cicadas double album, and now frontman Chunjay returns with a collaborative project with CookBook from LA Symphony.


Listen to the music: http://worldsokayestrapper.com
Main Website: http://summerofthecicadas.com
Secondary Website: http://royalruckus.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/royalruckusofficial
Instagram: http://instagram.com/royalruckusofficial
Twitter: http://twitter.com/royalruckus
Bandcamp: http://royalruckus.bandcamp.com
Free music: http://noisetrade.com/royalruckus

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