July 18, 2024

Afrika Tha Poet is on radio rotation with the track “Fame”

A lust hushed in the materials of the world. Fame is a lifestyle the poor crave not knowing peace should be the ultimate goal in life. Fame is the thought of getting through hard times letting the luxury of the world love the heart with false happiness. Fame to a man can also be a need where his message can get put out to the world. In his passage through life Fame would not be his ultimate goal. The ultimate goal would be peace. This song explains the irrational things a man would do for Fame just to be in a position of being rich and having power. The song also reflects the culture of hip hop by using your own originality and give the people what they want. Fame was inspired by a quote saying “How could one deal with evil without becoming evil her or himself. I Afrika Tha Poet present to you the song Fame.

Writer/lyricist/Rapper- AfrikaThaPoet
Producer- Will Flores/ Notes for Notes


Twisted L  is on radio rotation with the track “My Mama”

Twisted L, a native of Boynton Beach, Florida is an artist that was born with music. Music was is lifeline. To Twisted L, music is love, and being an artist that is about world peace, that is the pledge that he live by and he show this by writing music and lyrics, a gift from God, that he is able to accommodate any genre or situation. Born with a soulful voice that is encased with a bluesy side he’s focused on winning the Grammy one day, a goal and dream that he so long has cherished. The other dream and passion of Twisted L is to write for other others, and because of his love for music, it has been a journey for him. A signed G.I. Records LLC artist and now a part of the Sub-Label merge with MPRE Sony Music Group, Twisted L dreams for the Majors has finally came through. Twisted L advice to anyone who seeks to embark on this journey to success is to be creative, challenge your mind! Be Different! And it will happen for you too. Twisted L has the honor and privilege to share a song with an iconic artist from the Hilly’s Production, also his manager, Mrs. Debra McCray Hill, as they bring Real HipHop with a Twist of new/old R&B to the world.



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