April 16, 2024

YGKC has a new release off his upcoming album ‘Respect 2’ called ‘Sauce’ ft. Bruno Barzz. The Renegades Crew interviewed YGKC about his new album and who he would like to collaborate with. Fans all over Soon will be up for a treat when you get to check out the new album.

Greg Harvey, better known by his stage name YGKC, is an American rapper and Business entrepreneur from Kansas City, Missouri Born and Raised January 16, 1986.

YGKC has collaborated with Producer Hubert W. Bradley Jr. better known as BiG HueB for Eskimo Productionz L.L.C. and written songs with artists such as; KD Baby, J. Kite, Shorty45, Phligmagtic, THA, Ruffa Baby, DC Deazy, Chrunch , Nick B., D Stanz & more.


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