June 18, 2024

Swan is an artist originally from India who grew up surrounded by his dad’s celluloid film, aluminum cans and watching him make over 400 promotional videos and documentary films. The artist – currently based in New York City – began his journey when he first moved to the US to go to the Berklee School of Music, Boston.  Swan is busy working on releasing his EP sometime this year, and the song “High Road”, is the first track off the upcoming collection. It is a collaborative project featuring Freaky Boiz, a rap group based in LA.

It is simply a joy to hear Swan and Freaky Boiz switch between singing and rapping: their interplay is near-telekinetic, and they run through verses acrobatically, injecting wit, heartfelt lyrics and an ear-worm melody into “High Road”. The themes of love and loss runs strong throughout the track.

Swan’s charismatic, youthful approach to lyrical direction, fitting all the right lines together, anchors the track down while showcasing a marvelously combustible, soulful voice. It’s rare for verses to be as catchy as choruses, but that is the case in this song.  This is a great song, plain and simple – hypnotic and patient, but full of passion and sincerity.

If you appreciate crossover pop and hip-hop music, vocal talent, and well-rapped verses, this is the track for you, as neither Swan nor Freaky Boiz ever let up. Swan’s voice could halt traffic, rising and lilting on top notes with an almost hypnotic quality.

He pushes that epic pop range of his, creating tension and empathy. He knows when to hold back and when to pile it on, and the verses know how to yield to the killer choruses, which seem to come so easily for Swan. His music carries a timeless touch, while he is passionate in his vocal delivery, versatile in his rhythm and melody, as well as genuine in his approach to music.

“High Road” contains the winning combination of an eloquent production over a steady tempo, with serious-as-a-heartache lyrical content. Swan is very focused on the type of music he is producing here, and it shows in a very consistent and overall very impactful single.

Stylistically, it’s very diverse. Freaky Boiz and the Swan’s breadth and depth as artists, as well as their liberation as independent performers come through strongly on this track and in the supporting video. They extend their reflections to beyond their own personal experiences, and it’s infectious.

This single is slick sounding, but Swan and Freaky Boiz never lose sight of their convictions, focus and messages they’re sending out about relationships and its pitfalls. They always have something deep, metaphoric and philosophical to say, which you just can’t help picking up on.

The proof of the musician is when their words and music resonate on so many different levels, and that’s what Swan’s music does. This is a great entry point into this artist’s craft. Feel free to believe the hype!


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