July 18, 2024

From the Minnesota label FNF (Forgive Never Forget), comes the rap artist who lives and speaks his truth. His passion, flow and delivery are second to no one, his beats are clean and hit. I listened through his catalog, and find his style and subject matter intelligent and engaging. Something that is completely nonexistent in the current marketing scheme of things. With so much bullsh*t in hip hop, most of the genre just seems like meaningless garbage. Chief Lytro is the complete antithesis of ignorant mumble artists. Sure some of their beats are great but in the end they just perpetuate everything that is wrong in the game.

The 21 year old St. Paul based artist has a relevant message, and his beats, flow, and production values are actually excellent. He’s a totally independent artist which is very impressive in itself and why he’s largely unknown out of the underground scene.

What’s an emcee’s first duty? Three words – ‘keep it real’. A lot of the mainstream artists are keeping it real…dumb, Chief Lytro is one of the few young upcoming artists who truly deserves the title of real emcee.

Chief Lytro was shot on January 26 2018 and almost died, since then he has been taking the game seriously, and is already three mixtapes down the road –  namely “Boss up or Die”, “Y.B.O.N” and “I Been Going Thru Some Thangs”, all of which can be found on Spinrilla or Datpiff. Currently the young rapper is making waves with his single “Kno Sum”.

Here Chief Lytro’s raw delivery, hard hitting words, catch phrases, and the overall lyrical content is just fire on wax. He brings that sharp aggressive edge that’s been missing from Hip Hop for quite a while. He spits out every line with such a rabid onslaught that it is hard not to be moved.

This is the sound of a young man who wants to speak out through his music and really contains a lot of emotion. He’s looking at those fake niggas all around him, and he’s not holding back on his judgement. “Kno Sum” embodies his fearless style and is a testament to his protest, and his principles.

One of the loudest critiques of our generation is that a general apathy has infected our entire world-view. We have grown complacent in lives characterized by materialism, caring little about the notion of affecting change.

Those lamenting that our musicians only reinforce this lazy and irresponsible sentiment, think again; Chief Lytro seems agitated and interested in everything happing around him. His songs cover a varied amount of topics, and he can easily run his rhymes through the usual weed –smoking hip-hop tropes when he wants to.

Either way, it’s his ability to weave a sophisticated story which is essential to his art. Whether it is one of discontent or pleasure, Chief Lytro is unbeatable in his flow and charisma, which he mixes with intelligence and a knife edge delivery.


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