April 16, 2024

The Paraguayan born, Los Angeles based artist Alessa Ray, is a pop singer, songwriter and producer who puts herself right in the exotic pop cultural flow with here new single “Mamacita”. Currently working on diverse upcoming single projects, Alessa draws inspiration from a wide spectrum of popular musical styles, and incorporates “Spanglish” into her English lyrics. In the contemporary pop climate of streaming and feature-swapping singles, it’s not uncommon for an artist to release singles unattached to any album. This is the road that Alessa Ray seems to want to navigate. This is the first song I’ve heard by her, but it sounds like she’s been around forever.

The way “Mamacita” is sung, as the finger-snapping beat blossoms underneath her, is so natural, it feels like it’s already been the soundtrack for many late-evening windows-down car rides. The ease with which she trips over the chorus is one of the most enticing moments in the track.

This is a mostly compelling and wholly fun trip through modern pop with a charismatic protagonist, that hangs together way better than you would expect. It’s a track to rival the best efforts of Alessa’s big-name pop contemporaries: a slinking baseline and vibrant, layered melodies.

On the strength of the catchy material at hand here you can expect “Mamacita” to be a dominant force over the summer. Alessa Ray’s voice is distinctive, and the track reveals it as a versatile one too.

The singer can do piercing tones, cutting through the rhythmic texture in the song, but she can also do sultry, as in the utterly beguiling refrain just before the final chorus.

The closer you get to her voice – and a headset will be helpful here – the more exotic and tantalizing she sounds. Lyrically the track is an intriguing cocktail of emotions, veering from sentimental vulnerability to assertiveness and outright feminine power.

Alessa Ray is a vocalist of huge promise and ability, one whose future development should be watched closely. With this impressive statement under her belt, the hope is that her talents will get more room.

Compare to some of her older tracks, her strengths now sound fully honed, and we can really hear what she’s capable of. She is ready to bombard mainstream music with her fresh crossover, upbeat sound. “Mamacita” as a song title represents the birth of something new; something great for her.

Alessa Ray is refined, different and yet very much herself in the entirety of this track which will make it stand out to listeners. She is ready to captivate audiences through the love-giddy, Latin-pop of “Mamacita”, which brings you right into that feel-good mood. But the best thing about Alessa Ray is that…the best is still to come!


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