July 12, 2024

Can anyone outside of Jacksonville name a rapper from their city without checking the internet? There are a few that might spring to mind for dedicated fans, but nothing comes close when compared to other cities like New York, Houston, Atlanta and LA. Young Fatboy is out to change that. The artist on the Business Mind State label, is on the rise. He understands he has to stand out from his counterparts and does that by making everything he puts out part of his growing story.

There is a soulful element to Young Fatboy’s music that can’t be replicated through technique. His slow, steady delivery puts emphasis on the feeling behind his words, like he’s looking you dead in the eye every time he raps or sings. If it’s true that we need less rappers and more thinkers, then his music sounds thoughtful in an industry where quantity tends to take priority over quality.

Young Fatboy is currently promoting his R&B and rap crossover single “Heartbeat” ft. 2smoove (prod by 2smoove). On this project, Young Fatboy gives listeners something somewhat special – well-balanced melodic energy and a real sense of sincerity and emotion.

He also seems to have developed an ear for beats that complement his vocal range. There’s something endearing about the song’s simplicity. In a toxic world teetering on the edge, this kind of deep-seated idealism feels a lot more necessary than it did some time back.

“Heartbeat” is capable of making people warm their hearts and smile again. And that’s powerful with so much darkness and violence recently creeping back into hip-hop culture. Young Fatboy displays both the importance of timing, and his determination to his craft, in a track vocalizing the importance of appreciating and honoring your loved ones.

His wordy, down-to-earth flow should never be doubted, as he’s put together some great heartfelt verses which have a melody and swagger to it. “Heartbeat” is characterized by new ideas, but familiar tones.

The thing that puts you off-guard listening to Young Fatboy, isn’t his skill as a storyteller, the catchy tone of the hook, or the sheer breadth of the production at his disposal. It’s seeing how effortless he makes it all sound together. The smooth hook, is of course fire, and will have you moving to it, whether you want to or not.

Now I tried to find fault here, I really did, five back-to-back listens to find some flaw in the creativity that I could exploit; and I can’t. That’s a good sign of even greater thing to come for Young Fatboy, as he gets set to release his EP Immortal Old Skool New Skool” and the album “King Status” during October 2018.

Booking info: Businessmindstate44@gmail.com

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