May 20, 2024

ReachingNOVA is an American rapper, producer, songwriter, and businessman from The Bronx, NYC.  NOVA is President of the entertainment company Kings Legacy Inc., while also being an artist on the team roster. On his latest single, “Day Ones”, he is joined by JewLz Da JewLa and Q_STREETS. The basic template is rooted in a catchy sound – snapping snares and hi-hats, lush piano driven production and percussive vocal artistry – which enables them to deviate intro experimentation while remaining accessible. These moments showcase the sounds that these dudes are able to smuggle into a mainstream groove. The collaborative group’s unmistakably swift, undulating flows, deal out impressive bars. “Day Ones” signals ReachingNOVA, JewLz Da JewLa and Q_STREETS firing on all cylinders here – a vocal patchwork that pops with primary colors.

You’ll fall for the spoken word intro, as the piano and drums slowly build the excitement. They begin rapping with their chests out, the natural chemistry lacing each verse. They are at their best when they’re all charm and bravado, as each moves in and out the pocket of the groove.

Harmonies mixing with the ad-libs in the background make sure we have a record with energy. At the same time there’s so much happening with the production, and you’ll love it. When they switch the flows to blend, you’ll want to fist pump your ceiling.

When the machine gets working here, ReachingNOVA and the rest of the crew switch into overdrive. I give them credit, they understand how to use their voices to add texture to each verse. This makes the “Day Ones” verses rewind-worthy. Each one has so much personality – energy, chemistry, and quotables.

How can you not love it? I don’t remember the last time a rap group really sent me running around the house. They have such wonderful rap voices. Even with all the switches, the flows remain cohesive and tight.

ReachingNOVA, JewLz Da JewLa and Q_STREETS also exude an energy too infectious to deny and charisma that compels listeners to fall under their spell. This music is designed to bode well with chart followers, party crowds and hip-hop fans alike.

That being said, they’re a collaborating collective with the caliber to attempt to push the boundaries somewhere along the line. ReachingNOVA, JewLz Da JewLa and Q_STREETS are as strong together as they are apart, and “Day Ones” is only the most recent and substantial example.

Right from the first glance, ReachingNOVA, JewLz Da JewLa and Q_STREETS seem like a natural collective. Together they push a melodic spin on the music, taking cues from some of their famed contemporaries. Their appeal is in their ability to weave hooks, bridges, and ad libs into a memorable performance while they still maintain lyrical heavy lifting.

On “Day Ones” they connect in ways that make it clear that they’re at the top of their game. “Day Ones” was recorded at NYC’s legendary Signature Soundz Studios, mixed by HDMI and Mastered by Julian Delacruz.


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