June 12, 2024

If you even spend 10 seconds listening to Nephew Sam’s music, you will immediately realize one thing: he is certainly not your average rap artist! Although his sound is arguably rooted in the hip-hop genre, his music is completely free, as this talented performer allows different ideas and influences to inspire his eclectic work.

Currently based in Rockford, IL, Nephew Sam makes music that is striking for its outstanding melodies, punchy grooves, and gripping lyrics. His voice is seamless and organic, combining his great musical background with unprecedented charisma and a distinctive lyrical approach that echoing the work of influencers as diverse as Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West or Travis Scott, just to mention a few.

Recently, Nephew Sam unleashed a brand new project titled “Sage Art: As Above So Below.” The title of this release reflects the artist’s interest for mental enlightenment and spirituality, as a way to find balance. This unique blend of balance and equilibrium is also present in this production, as every element in this song sits swiftly in its right place. The beats are punchy and driven, and the melodies are spot on and present, yet they still leave enough breathing room for the vocals to unfold without barriers or limitations.

The project’s most distinctive song, as well as its primary single, is definitely “Lift Me Up”, a track with a powerful spiritual and emotional vibe, which gives people an excellent introduction to the artist’s tone and feel.

MORE ABOUT: Nephew Sam is a 26 year old artist, originally from Syracuse, NY and currently based out of Rockford, IL. Nephew Sam has only recently jumped on to the music scene with a handful of songs with a lot of power packed into them. Currently in the middle of his biggest project yet, “Sage Art” shows the level of talent Nephew Sam holds and the anticipation of what he could be capable of in the future.

Find out more about Nephew Sam, and don’t miss out on his recent releases.


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