July 23, 2024

2anormal (para-normal) was born and raised in Kansas City Missouri. To date, he has released 7 full albums, the last 4 being worldwide releases. He is quickly gaining momentum in the underground music scene and with internet radio listeners across the globe. 2anormal is currently working on a new solo LP which is to be called “BTB Vol 2”. The title comes straight from his slogan, BTB (boycott the bullshit) which is also gaining traction with fans who are tired of the lack of creativity and quality lyrics in hip-hop. We recently caught up with some cuts from the upcoming project.

These first tracks give us a clear indication that this album is going to contain some amazing beats and rhymes. Some that could easily be accepted by mainstream radio. It has a broad sound with multi-layered tracks that are constantly growing and changing. This excellent mix keeps you on your toes and smiling from the beats alone. With the addition of the lyrics this stuff is ridiculously good.

2anormal has always been lyrically gifted but I think he has really jumped to the next level here and it should finally be recognized by mainstream and major Hip-Hop media and fans.  He shows off his amazing melodic vocals one song, and rips another one with his vicious flow as he raps with his stunning lyricism.

Yet at the same time his voice is almost laidback and steady in pace. He never sounds forced or rushing through his verses just to impress his audience. 2anormal seems more concerned with his messages coming through loud and clear.

You can pick up his chill, mid-tempo groove, on “Ying and Yang”, where the oriental-styled intro is significant because it sets up comforting vibes in regards to the production. Almost anyone in the rap game can make tracks that sound louder, more complex and more aggressive, but it takes a touch of genius to go in the opposite direction.

This track flows smoothly from one extreme to another, without disturbing your environment while leaving you fully compelled and entertained. The subtle but enormous range that 2anormal displays in his musical creations will leave you in awe of his talents.

And only gets better on “Hit It Right”, where 2anormal throws in some heavy sexual innuendo. His voice, whether singing or rapping, has so many different textures to it. He can sing, he can flow, and the production is top notch with its booming bassline beat.

This is a beautiful chunk of cool understated musical mastery for your bedroom jam. Last but not least – on the contrary – probably the best track of the three we heard, is “Grow Up”. 2anormal works really hard to impress you on this one. Between the groove-driven production and mesmerizing flow, this thing will worm its way under your skin.

If you’re not familiar with his work, “Grow Up” is a great place to start. An instant classic, its fresh and old school all at once. You can tell he put his heart and soul into this track. This is the most honest, mature and epic example of his hard work thus far. All in all, 2anormal will hopefully cement himself as a standout emcee with the upcoming “BTB Vol 2” album. This is a release that should make people stand up, take notice…and listen.


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