May 20, 2024

Talented, hardworking musical creative, Deagle – born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, describes himself as an all-around performer who is a patient and selective artist taking a great deal of pride in his work. He states he is very serious about his career and he will not release material “until I feel it is ready.” Passionate about music since the age of twelve, Deagle has been influenced by the likes of UGK, Pimp C, and E40, yet his biggest inspiration remains his DJ father. Deagle’s fascination with his father’s craft kept him out of the streets, and eventually led him toward the entertainment industry, as he started writing lyrics and beats by the time he was 16. Deagle is currently managed by MUDD CITY ENTERTAINMENT. He felt that it was very important to him to find a management company with a history of success, as well as working with those who have a proven record of trustworthiness and loyalty. His stay with Mudd City Ent., has led to a number of acclaimed releases, including the banger, “Pull Down”, now out in both explicit and edited versions.

Here Deagle welcomes listeners to his musical world and lets them know that he’s no carbon copy. “Pull Down” will be booming out of your car with its looped keys, fat kick drum, and infectious hook. This is definitely trunk music certified. It encapsulates the sound of old school hip-hop.

So you will end up having your system on loud and the lyrics stuck in your head. Mudd City Ent. has certainly contracted a personality that promises prosperity and churns out high-octane rap at a relentless pace. Deagle’s ethos produces big-sounding rap songs that make you bounce while leaving you with something to chew on.

Listening to how he tells personal stories and how he paints pictures of his local neighborhood and community, is nothing less than infectiously fascinating. His performances are great, and the energy is amazing. Deagle has the ability to take songs that might seem shorter on substance, than they are on style, and infuses them with meaning.

He puts something extra into them. That extra might just be a perfect blend between experience and talent. Nowadays not too many new emcees can really get my attention, but Deagle is one of the few that I’ll be checking for.

If any rapper has the power to push their sound past its usual boundaries, it’s Deagle. When we press the play button on a Deagle track like “Pull Down”, we feel incorporated into the scenes that the artist describes so well in the song. We feel like one of his neighbors, living the same kind of life, and enjoying the same kind of experiences.

His musical style is like a pure high quality concentrated juice that we all just want to sip on. And once the beat comes booming through the audio speakers, it’s really hard to ignore. Deagle’s flow of words is among the best in the current scenario. His rhymes are on point and stylish, as they reach their goals, and shoot their targets.


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