July 16, 2024

Aren B. (Pronounced R&B) is a 29 year-old artist from Mgee, MS. His inclination towards stream of consciousness lyricism is allowed to flow freely on his track, “WestSide”. This is bolstered significantly by him fully embracing an indifference to the standard verse-hook-refrain-hook-type R&B. Rather he finds beauty in simplicity. This track is a slow jam imploding into a chilled out electro-soul vibe. In essence this tune is full of mostly good ideas with respect to production and vocal style, pulling from a spectrum of popular modern and classic influences. But the real charm of Aren B. resides within his story telling, and he’s at his absolute best when expounding tales of love and lust. Aren B.’s ability to emote within the confines of a ballad without making it saccharine or cheesy is nearly unparalleled by many of his underground contemporaries.

Aren B. is the kind of singer that comes along to break the monotony of the same old music. His music is compelling, imaginative and a breath of fresh air compared to the sound-alike mass produced electronically enhanced vocals of today. If you like mellow smooth vocals along with creative musical arrangement, then “WestSide” is the kind of track that will attract your attention.

Every lyric on the track seems important, not in the sense that by missing one you will lose some of the idea or intention of the whole, but in the sense that each line is a poetic image of deep emotional potency.

One factor setting “WestSide” apart from the vast majority of R&B and pop music in general is its use of space. Drums are integrated very subtly throughout, so the song is almost entirely dominated by voice, bass and keys. The resulting effect brings attention to every sonic and lyrical detail.

“WestSide” is a song that really highlights Aren B.’s incredible quality, with his dreamy melody and gently resonating voice that perfectly matches the lyrics. The ethereal atmosphere of the track accompanies an artist capable of making his own art with his own rules.

Mixed with a sensual sensitivity, “WestSide” contains an equal measure of peace and calmness, as Aren B. expresses needs and desires that are just as simple as most of the rest of us. The track enigmatically explores the theme of intimately heightened emotions and is intoxicating at its very best, with underlying tensions creating the distinctive ambience of a classic bedroom ballad.

“WestSide” is evidently an immersive experience, overflowing with the musical metaphors, exceptional production from start to finish, and sounds which combine with Aren B.’s whispered melodramatic tone, adding to its aesthetic value. The artist clearly thrives with the production which has a touch of old-school sensibility and modern minimalism.


Facebook – Adam Aren B. Hubbard

Instagram – Arenbmuzick

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