June 20, 2024

RMZ Keez NataS grew up in a Rastafarian family and lives by most principles adhering to Haile Selassie’s speech about no deity worshipping. He took the oath in his self-expression of 666 which is a movement that promotes self-worship, self-reliance, and the willingness to risk your own life to maintain integrity of the movement. The 666 movement should not be mistaken for devil worshipping as what the numeric abbreviation stands for is, 6 Protons 6 Neurons 6 Electrons, which is the carbon formula best known as melanin. The fact that RMZ Keez NataS has music in his bloodline, is quite obvious from his family tree.

He is the cousin of one half of the popular Birmingham Rap Group Lotto Boyzz, the son of late reggae singer Trisha Irie, and also the cousin of award winning actor and singer, Matt Henry.

The artist started to gain traction in the music business with his debut single “On Lock”, and then confirmed that momentum with the release of the tracks “Demon Bones (Stay on Your Throne)” and “Mannequins”.

RMZ Keez NataS is now back with his brand new track, “Devil Level 666”. It doesn’t take a great deal of scrutiny to tell that the title of this track is meant with deep sarcasm. The first clue would be the cover image staring balefully at the camera pondering on how to defeat negativity and evil this time around.

It’s the perfect illustration of the lyrics inside, as RMZ Keez NataS slugs it out with demons, personal and otherwise. This all could have been a drag in the hands of a rapper with less self-awareness, a razor sharp tongue, or without access to deft production skills.

RMZ Keez NataS has a way of drawing out the universal in the intensely personal. He is on his game as he’s ever been here. And he is at his best when he’s reaching deep down for the emotional rhymes. “Devil Level 666” is proof that in the world of indie hip-hop, you need to make a statement to make a solid track.

You need an overarching focus point, and you need to string together some solid rhymes. You need your production to follow a theme, and you need to find a beat that fucking bumps. Moreover you need a particular source of inspiration, and a performance that is inspired. In short, you need everything that commercial rap can get away with, in the absence of.

Luckily for him, RMZ Keez NataS has nailed that formula. He is so full of fire in “Devil Level 666” that you can’t help but end up psyched at the infectious beat and smooth flow of his rhymes. Though the title may be somewhat intimidating, what makes this song so incredible, along with many other RMZ Keez NataS songs, is how easy it is to relate to the rhymes he weaves for us.

The lyrics are clever in the twists on wordplay but the metaphors won’t take you too long to decipher. From listening to “Devil Level 666” we can tell this is one of his best tracks for one main reason: RMZ Keez NataS poured all his realism and sincerity into the song.

The story melds with the metaphors into a set of realistic, and positive anecdotes. Do yourself a favor and check it out. This is a big step up from his previous releases in my opinion.


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