July 18, 2024

His identity and confidence will create an unmistakable image that many in the industry will take note of, whether it’s there thing or not. This goes hand in hand with his undeniable style of his music, which borders on the unorthodox. Despite the nuances and oddities Cellus.Papi works into his music, his flow is compelling. As a display of his potential, his track “Six7Figuresht” (Prod. Ari bandz), confirms the tour de force of his charisma and talent. My mind jumps to the flowing synths and the hazy, psychedelic progression, all with a thought-out consistency in drum tone and beat composition, without feeling repetitive. Cellus.Papi’s gritty vocal inflections, in which he bends his voice in a multitude of intense ways, are attention grabbing.

The artist has got a hungry focus here and everything seems to come together in a truly great way. Because of this, the track undeniably fulfills its purpose – showcasing Cellus.Papi as a bigger deal than anyone may have thought thus far.

Finding rap music’s upcoming innovators is no easy task. These artists are usually smacked down today only to end up reshaping rap in their own image tomorrow. On “Gucci N’ Preme Sace” (Richichiebandz), shows he’s a flow-smith, eagerly bounding down new avenues to throw his words around, and lapsing into wild verses and melodies that stick in the brain.

He can lazily let his voice rise ever so slightly for the hook or he can snap into urgent attention, reeling off a dazzling triple time verses. Either way, Cellus.Papi delivers hard-to-define flows that somehow will roll around in your head long after his songs end.

Throughout his tracks, Cellus.Papi also proves that his dynamic vocal tricks can keep things interesting enough while the beats guide him through its eccentric twists and turns. This much occurs on the slower spaced-out sound of “Chateau Margaux”. Here he flows nonstop and his unconventional rhymes transition into clever tag-lines, while his melody changes constantly.

Cellus.Papi’s artistic direction is clearly what keeps him one step ahead of his listeners. The track simply feels as though it has so much content to delve into as a listener, that its shifts and turns will warrant repeated listens. The combination of the emotive palette of sounds and the haunting voice of the rapper is what will inevitably draw a fan-base to them, and rightfully so.

At the end of the day, this is the sound of an artist mixing experimentation with slight eccentric rhyming sensibilities. Cellus.Papi’s doesn’t have a comfort zone. A restlessly artist, he doesn’t seem afraid to change course, to experiment, or even to fail. The elasticity of his growing catalogue plays testimony to that fact, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness, in a basically flat musical landscape.


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