July 13, 2024

Skyla Mac aka Jamil Williams born and raised in Newark, NJ, in the Hoodaville section, where crime and poverty dominated the area. Everybody was struggling, and to hustle was a necessity, but he always envisioned himself doing something besides struggling to survive. So he took his daily experiences, turned them into stories, and laid them over instrumentals for full impact. Skyla Mac also teamed up with other talents and formed a group called U.G. (Undefeated G-Rilla’s). But his trials and tribulations weren’t over yet. Not by a long shot. The budding emcee and songwriter who had been perfecting his craft in a basement, found himself faced with a prison term. This resulted in all his work up until then being destroyed. No more music, no more U.G. End of story? No!

Skyla Mac was released from prison in 2013 and attempted to re-ignite the musical fires he had started previously. But it seemed like everyone else had outgrown their passion for music, and devoted their time to other interests. Disappointed, but respectful of their choices, Skyla Mac up and left, moving to Charlotte, NC.

He hooked up with Rashad Halley aka 10Bands and Dj Champ, dropping the mixtape “Get Right or Get Left” which hit the streets with a bang. That gave Skyla Mac the tangible signal he had been waiting for. Better still, his 2017 single, “Fly Women Only” raked in hordes of viewers.

Now in 2018 he is back with a brand new mixtape “Mactober”, and in the meantime we caught up with his N°1 smash single “No 401 k”, which sees Skyla Mac hook up with Raekwon, and Sheek Louch. Right now, the world is undoubtedly going through an extremely dark, confusing, and hate-driven era.

There’s stories about people of color being gunned down in the streets or being violently assaulted by a trigger happy police officer, or somebody with hate in their blood. The mass murder of unholy proportions from terrorists seem like regular news fodder too. We’re existing in a world full of intolerance, suffering and anger.

This is where Skyla Mac comes in. The NC rapper brings his firebrand word to the streets. Skyla Mac has developed a knack for being at the forefront of whatever issues are occurring in the hood, as well as whatever affects his grind. Throughout the track, he delivers a balanced message of righteousness and impiety.

The bars hold so much emotion that it forces you to relate. What needs to be understood is that this is not mumble rap, but it is a quality track that deserves the proper attention. It was created in a mature state of mind, and through every phase of his rap-fueled domination, Skyla Mac consistently delivers a dose of wisdom on drugs, money, death and hustling.

This gritty-voiced rapper is interested in uplifting the hood, and his grind, through his vivid accounts and has blended the streets with the spiritual on, “No 401 k” ft. Raekwon and Sheek Louch to deliver bars bursting with realism.

Opening up with a gospel flavor and choir backing, the track is propelled by a thunderous bass-drum driven production, which immediately showcases its potential to slam something real powerful at you right off the bat, which it promptly does. Making the song feel like a genuine expression of personal attitude.

The verses show Skyla Mac at his best, a nimble, but potent flow dancing effortlessly around production, as well as cutting straight through it. By staying focused and concise here on “No 401 k”, Skyla Mac makes one of the biggest musical statements of his career so far.


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