June 20, 2024

“Vanquish” is a 6 track project from West Side of Chicago artist/producer, Geedomane. It is a collection of experiences and emotions he has gone through and decided to share with us. Each track on the recording benefits from rugged bass lines, trap-ish rhythms, woozy melodies and that sing-song, warble-rap of emo that is all the craze right now. Geedomane’s vision of the emo-rap ethos is weirdly dreamy and disillusioned. Luckily, he doesn’t linger on the morose or the malignant, as some of his peers, and instead rhapsodizes thoughtfully and sensitively about heartache and pain. For all of the part-rapper, part-singers that have started their own wave over the past few years, Geedomane makes a positive impact from the get go.

His album has a very eclectic taste to it, with equal parts club bangers and chill to electric guitar cuts. For some artists, this variety of styles may be a detriment to their project, exposing their weaknesses. But Geedomane thrives off this by showcasing his many talents.

The album starts off with a mellow, melancholy track, “Memories” — the beat is an echoey and atmospheric sound that seems like it would drag on and become boring, but the drum kicks and guitar keep it in place along with Geedomane’s very eerie but catchy lyrics and hook. In my opinion, it is a good introduction song, giving us the two things that I think the whole recording excels in: catchy, moody hits.

The album then transitions to “Afraid” – a chill piano-driven arrangement with another hypnotic vocal performance from Geedomane. The Chicago artist is strong on lyrics, and even more so on vibe. All of which help to create that mesmerizing feel most of his songs have.

On “Repugnance”, Geedomane’s voice mixes with the rasp of his rap and the smooth melody of singing, which destined to attract plenty of listeners. This track dives deep into the artist’s consciousness as it speaks of being hurt by others, and contains serious moments of self-reflection, as he sings lines like: “I think they enjoy it” or “And it feels like it’s me against the world.”

The fourth track, “I’m Set Free/Apathy” is two-part song not only in its title, but its tone, too. This one is guaranteed to make one ponder and fall deep, deep into Geedomane’s psyche.

With lyrics like, “Wasted relationships is all I’ve ever known. I’m sick and tired, so sick and tired of moving on. I live by myself in my own world. It’s such a cold world. Interacting with no one but myself,” it’s clear how much angst and depression Geedomane is bringing to the table. Geedomane varies his genre-breaking styles across “Vanquish”. The most noteworthy example being “Always & Forever”.

I love his controlled aggression here, with over-driven grungy guitars and harsh banging drums in support of his rising vocals which pack emotion and clarity. This is one of the best tracks on the album, especially if you have a soft spot for alt-rock.

Geedomane has an opportunity to truly solidify himself in the upper echelon of underground music grinders with this project, and he doesn’t waste any space by closing down with another impressive performance on the closer, “Helped My Heart”.

Geedomane’s ear for melody is nearly unmatched, and while some of his contemporaries are capable of crafting a catchy hook, where he excels is somehow managing to make verses and bridges that stick in your brain nearly as much as the choruses do. Put that together with the fact that Geedomane produced every track on this recording, and you know you’re dealing with a very special kind of talent here.


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